Top 8 SMS Gateway Providers USA 2023

Below are the top 8 SMS gateway providers available to American businesses:


SMS Provider Reviewed

Overall rating
Price (out of 5) 4.5 4.5 5 4 4.5
Tools (out of 5) 5 5 4.5 5 4.5
Trust (out of 5) 4.5 5 4.5 5 3.5
Customer service (out of 5) 5 5 4.5 4 4.5
Years founded 2001 2006 2000 1993 2011
Listed or Private company Private Private Private Private Private
Head Office Tartu, Estonia Perth, Australia South Africa Utah Amsterdam, Netherlands


Price per smsMessenteClickSendBulkSMSPodiumMessageBird
  • >250K+
  • >100K+
  • >10K+
  • >2000
  • Contact Podium
  • $289-1,000 contacts
  • $449-Unlimited contacts
  • $449-Unlimited contacts Pro
  • Contact MessageBird
  • $0.005 per SMS (Outbound)
  • Free Inbound SMS
  • $0.50 / Month for a Dedicated Number
Payment mode Prepaid Monthly Plan, Pay As You Go Prepaid & Invoice Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay Prepaid & Invoice Prepay, Postpay, Pay-as-you-go
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees
Payment methods Credit Card or Direct Debit Credit Card or Direct Debit Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay Card Or Direct Debit Credit card, Paypal
Payment mode Prepaid & Invoice Prepaid & Invoice Credit card or direct debit Prepaid & Invoice Prepay, Postpay, Pay-as-you-go
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees

SMS Functions

API for Developers
Software needed
2-Way SMS
Email to SMS
Carriers American & Overseas American & Overseas Global USA, UK, Australia American & Overseas
Dedicated number
Inbound SMS Free Free
Money back guarantee


Global coverage
Gateway uptime 99.8% 100% N/A
SLA guarantee
Spam compliant
Security and Privacy policy

Customer care service

Free trial
50 Free SMS
Phone support
Email support
Support hours 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Reviews 4.5/5 - 38 Reviews Trustpilot = 4.4/5 - 876 reviews 4/5 - ‎1,300+ Reviews 4.6/5 - ‎1,249 reviews Trustpilot = 2.0/5 - 45 reviews


Overall rating 9.5 9.5 9 9.67 8.0
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Messente Is America’s Best SMS Gateway Provider

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After our comparison of SMS Gateway Providers for US businesses, we deem Messente the best based on:

  • Low average SMS Cost ($0.019) per SMS
  • Capability for rapid scalable SMS mass distribution
  • Smart adaptive SMS routing for the quickest available channel
  • Developer-friendly API for global integration and scalability
  • Complete analytics with real-time reporting, tracking, historical campaigns, and an online UI
  • Free 24/7 online customer support

Messente Review >>Visit Messente>>

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

Value For Money
10 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
8 / 10
8 / 10
Customer Service
8 / 10

ClickSend Is The Best Messente Alternative

After our comparison of SMS Gateway Providers for US businesses, we deem ClickSend good value based on:

  • Low mass SMS prices ($0.0092 per SMS)
  • 100% Reliability SLA guarantee
  • Reliable, direct carriers (such as AT&T and Verizon)
  • Provision of reseller SMS discounts
  • Ability to send SMS in high volumes globally

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ClickSend Is The Best Messente Alternative

After our comparison of SMS Gateway Providers for US businesses, we deem ClickSend good value based on:

  • Low mass SMS prices ($0.0092 per SMS)
  • 100% Reliability SLA guarantee
  • Reliable, direct carriers (such as AT&T and Verizon)
  • Provision of reseller SMS discounts
  • Ability to send SMS in high volumes globally

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What Is An SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway is offered by an SMS service provider (such as Messente) and enables a computer, CRM, or email system to send and receive SMS and mass text messages to a mobile phone or SMS-enabled device.

The best SMS Gateway is one that can cater to a range of business sizes, and offer features at a competitive rate. One such provider is Messente, which has some of the best SMS Gateway prices in the market, offering the most competitive prices compared to the competition. Messente offers a wide range of features, such as direct carrier relationships, omnichannel SMS platforms, and much more. With an uptime of 99.8%, they are also one of the most reliable SMS Gateway providers in the market.

SMS Gateway often operates through reliable global telecommunication network operators. Communication messages are sent through USA’s leading Short Message Services (SMS) mobile networks. This enables businesses to send and receive text messages to individuals, or a large number of contacts they wish to target.

SMS Gateway Applications:

  • Web SMS or Online SMS Gateway – no additional software required
  • Email SMS – integrating SMS with e-mail software
  • API and Rest API SMS Services – utilizing existing CRM software or business applications

Users should note that SMS text messages have a 160-character limit. Therefore, messages exceeding this limit will be split into multiple messages, which may result in higher charges. Additionally, the speed and price of text messages sent will depend on the route taken by the USA mobile network and provider. Most SMS gateway providers also offer MMS gateway capabilities.

The 4-step SMS gateway process is shown below:

The 4 step sms gateway process

When comparing the top SMS gateway providers, there are a number of aspects to consider in order to ensure your business to gaining the best services that will meet certain criteria.

Comparing SMS marketing providers can make or break a business’s success, particularly to ensure that you are receiving a high level of service for the price paid.

The following aspects should be analyzed and compared when looking to engage with an SMS provider;

  • SMS features
  • Pricing plans and schedules (frequency and amount)
  • Reliability and support (including SLA and up-time guarantees)
  • Legal aspects such as SMS laws and regulations

SMS Marketing Providers List


What Are Messente’s Mass Text Message Prices?


Messente has exclusive pricing for businesses in the United States and globally with prices of outbound SMS messages starting as low as $o.oo17 per 1000 SMS.

All inbound text message responses from recipients are free, therefore enabling successful two-way communication. The only additional fee for mass text messaging services is associated with a dedicated number. An American business can also decide to purchase a dedicated short-code phone number for $1700 per month. Messente is always time efficient, with your phone number, including dedicated short numbers taking only minutes to set up.

When comparing the prices offered by Messente to other leading mass text message providers and network operators, the results showed that Messente’s pricing is amongst the lowest costs.

After analyzing the pricing schedules offered by the leading SMS gateway providers in the United States, the prices vary up to 60%. This variation can be based on the network operators and service level agreements offered by the SMS provider. It can also be based on set-up fees, contract duration requirements, and other additional fees.

Overall, the charges offered by Messente are very competitive at most usage brackets when compared to other SMS service providers or SMS aggregators. This is also reinforced with large volumes of text messages where Messente is prepared to offer volume-based pricing above 10,000 SMS. Messente ensures that its prices are regularly checked against other SMS providers and adjusted so customers always get the best prices to send SMS messages, whether in small or large volumes.

SMS Comparison Pricing
0.02 0.02 0.01 0.01
0.04 0.03 0.03 0.03
0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
0.03 0.02 0.02 0.02
0.06 0.06 0.03 0.02
0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
0.03 0.03 0.02 0.02
0.04 0.03 0.03 0.03
0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04
0.07 0.04 0.02 0.02
0.05 0.04 0.04 0.03
0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02

Current is in $$$

Other SMS providers offer alternative pricing models. A leading mass texting provider such as Messente provides a more premium pricing plan that works off a customized monthly schedule, with an average cost of $0.0017 per SMS. Whereas the SMS gateway provider ClickSend is suited for large business enterprises and also offers pricing models of pre-paid 5 million SMS messages for $0.0075 per SMS.

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Cheap SMS Gateway Pricing

When looking for the cheapest SMS marketing provider, Bulk SMS offers great value for customers in America and overseas. The provider not only offers a range of pricing plans but also offers package deals for larger volumes. To learn more about the pricing packages offered by Bulk SMS, visit their website below.


Bulk SMS Pricing


Is Messente Suitable For Premium Text Message Requirements?

While Messente offers some of the lowest prices, they also have the best service level agreement of 99.8% up-time guarantee.

The 99.8% SLA is why not only USA companies but some of the largest global companies including Stockmann, Ergoo, Volvo and Luminor rely on Messente.

They also have a high-capacity network ensuring that critical time-sensitive text messages are delivered promptly. This network is why Messente is reviewed to be a leading text message provider for the distribution of mass text messages worldwide.

What Business SMS Customer Support Does Messente Offer?

Messente’s head office is based in Estonia, but there is no need to visit the location to set up an account with email support available with quick response rates

Contact Messente >>

It’s worth noting that Messente may appear to be a cheap ‘no frills’ provider but they have services equivalent to premium providers with a lower per unit text message cost. Payments can be made simpler with a credit card, pay-as-you-go, or invoicing. Their customer service personnel are highly trained professionals and will provide all the technical assistance and tutorials for developers setting up their SMS campaigns or SMS API. Messente also provides an online messaging service to provide immediate assistance.

What SMS Gateway Features Does Messente Offer?

Messente is a reliable SMS gateway provider that enables the efficient mass distribution of text messages to global audiences on iPhone, Google, and Android devices. SMS messages are sent quickly and easily with high-speed connections through direct telecommunication carriers, rather than using both direct and hybrid carrier networks. Their gateway routes are through major American mobile phone carriers including Verizon and AT&T and more. Millions of text messages are able to be delivered weekly with Messente’s SMS gateway capacity. Messente text messages are usually delivered within a matter of seconds with an SMS gateway up-time of 99.8%. This is highly competitive compared to other leading SMS gateway providers.

Visit Messente>>

There are three main ways that mass text messages can be distributed:

1) Web SMS

The web SMS option allows companies to send mass text messages from their PC with no software download requirements. All the core features to send text messages exist with individual or mass text message options available. For mass SMS campaigns, a business simply needs to upload contact lists online and a large-scale SMS broadcast can commence. This will enable mass text messages to be sent and stored either temporarily or permanently on a user’s sim card.


For American businesses that have their own CRM software or messaging infrastructure, the SMS API may be the optimal solution. The SMS API integration is relatively easy, allowing firms to automate messages using the company’s existing software systems and integrate to any GSM. The SMS API can be accessed using the majority of programming languages with a SDK in PHP available on their website.

3) Email To SMS

Email to SMS gateways are softwares compatible with any email provider, including Gmail, Microsoft Live Mail, and Outlook. Using e-mail packages, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS reminders and alerts can be sent, which include free deliverability reports. No extra software is required to use this method with users just requiring to forward the message to the number in the subject line or simply download a plugin to Outlook.

What American Regulations Should I Consider?

When sending any text message campaign within the United States, businesses must meet the Federal Trade Commission CAN-SPAM Act (2009). The law states that no company can send legally unsolicited electronic messages. This applies to text messages or emails through gateway with the following main guidelines:

  1. Don’t use false or misleading header information.
  2. Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  3. Identify the message as an ad.
  4. Tell recipients where you’re located.
  5. Tell recipients how to opt out of future text messages sent by you.
  6. Honor opt-out requests promptly.
  7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.

In terms of compliance, the US SMS provider must feature a strong privacy policy, be compliant with the CAN-SPAM act, have detailed terms and conditions, and identify a policy for acceptable use. To learn more about direct marketing compliance and security, you can visit the Federal Trade Commission website for more details.

Tips For Sending Business Text Messages

Before conducting an SMS marketing campaign, businesses must identify a list of target audiences’ mobile phone numbers and get permission from those audiences they want to receive mass text messages. This can be through sending shortcodes to opt-in to marketing messages, signing up online, or through a written form.

Whilst text messages can be as long as 160 characters, research has shown that shorter, concise text messages perform the best.

Thus, it is recommended that messages don’t require the recipient to scroll, as these receive the highest open rates.

A mobile phone is a personal device, therefore, businesses must respect the audience’s personal space. Mass text messages that are unexpected can be intrusive and not read correctly, therefore businesses should ensure the messages are functional, yet courteous. Businesses can use customization tools and templates to help maximize relevance and timeliness so customers don’t receive text messages at inconvenient times.

Whilst mass text messages are highly effective, businesses must not use bulk SMS gateways too frequently as a marketing channel. American businesses should aim for less frequent, concise messages to ensure that audiences don’t get annoyed and unsubscribe. Businesses can align their SMS marketing campaigns with other communication platforms such as emails in order to spread the message across multiple mediums.

Mobile communication can be extremely effective for any business to form lasting relationships with audiences. However, businesses must ensure that the text message delivers useful information such as SMS notifications, subscriber information, reminders, alerts, or special offers. As long as the message is sent with a legitimate purpose, audiences will want to continue to receive them in the future.

The resellers’ SMS process has become a popular way for “resellers” to purchase text message credit from bulk SMS providers which they then resell to their customers in smaller batches. Bulk SMS gateway providers such as Messente provide specific resellers’ SMS plans.

Discover our SMS marketing guide to learn more about the benefits and best practices for businesses in 2023.


SMS Marketing Guide >>


Premium SMS Providers

Premium direct gateway carriers enable businesses of any size to send text messages to customers, staff members, and stakeholders. Messages will be sent directly to the leading US text message service providers. A text message gateway enables a computer to distribute and accept text message transmissions to and from a telecommunications network. Most text messages are routed into mobile phone networks. Messente is an SMS gateway and API provider which uses a direct route, meaning the mobile carrier will always be highly reputable and usually based in America.

SMS API Text Message Gateway

Businesses should consider a reliable premium SMS text message gateway provider if they have any of the following requirements:

  • Text messages which are time-restricted or reliant
  • Text message alerts
  • Subscriber alerts
  • Text messages with private content
  • Importance of the recipient’s ability to reply
  • Marketing communication campaigns
  • Reminders or alerts for appointments and bookings

SMS Gateway USA Flow Diagram

What Is An SMPP Gateway?

SMPP gateway (Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol) is widely used within the telecommunications industry. It exchanges text message services between Short Messaging Entities (ESME) or Short Message Service Centers (SMSC). A level-7 TCP/IP protocol guarantees fast and efficient SMS message delivery. The SMPP can send and receive text messages from mobiles, including CDMA, UTMTS, GMA, and UMTS phones.

How Can An American Business Integrate An SMS API?

Utilizing an API is common for businesses in the United States that have large-scale SMS communication requirements. Developers can connect to the SMS gateway through their preferred API from SMPP, Java, .NET, PHP or SOAP. Most providers will support SDKs through documents, sample costs, and reusable libraries. Businesses must ensure they choose a provider that encompasses support levels that match their understanding of the SMS API. Some businesses may need more of a hands-on approach.

When setting up an API, the mass text message provider will supply a sample code. This will allow a business to connect to a SOAP API regardless of the SMS API language preferred. A provider like MessageMedia has samples including HTML, Java, GitHub in C3, Bash & Python, and PHP. Other languages such as Powershell, C++, and Ruby can also be utilized. When opting for a provider, businesses should ensure they talk to their support team and specialist SMS API technical support team for further information.

What Are The Benefits Of An SMS API Integration To A Text Message Platform?

API integration is so popular because:

  • Two-Way Messaging: The ability to send and receive text messages to and from American SMS networks.
  • Message Tagging: A two-way mass text message feature that reports on the application that an outbound message reply corresponds to.
  • Delivery Reporting: Ability to track the text message’s exact time it is received by a mobile, providing businesses with a full delivery audit trail.
  • Validity Period: Ability to specify how long a text message should be valid. After this specified time, if an SMS has not been delivered it doesn’t get delivered, thus saving businesses money on invalid mobile numbers.
  • API Web Push: Real-time delivery of inbound text messages to a URL for quick replies from staff and customers.

SMS Gateway Providers Frequently Asked Questions

An SMS gateway API allows simple query parameters via URLs that provide SMS gateway instructions to send text messages. This can be enabled through scripting language such as PHP that can be integrated to web forms and other applications.

SMS (or Short Message Service) is a two-way SMS communication method that allows mobile phones to communicate with each other. An SMS gateway also allows computers and e-mails, or any other device to send and receive mass text messages on a large scale, making it suitable for businesses world wide.

SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly popular form of communication for businesses around the world, particularly to improve customer relationships as they are able to send replies straight to the business.

A text message gateway acts as a relay. It translates from one protocol to another through SMSCs (SMS centers). SMS centers include wireless networks that handle forwarding, routing store and other SMS gateway operations ensuring the messages are delivered to the destination mobile phone.

SMS integration is when businesses use their existing database or CRM to target their customers through an SMS Gateway service provider. This can include targeting customers with promotions, news and other information. This integration can use automation to communicate with customers at various forms of the consumer life cycle.

SMS means Short Message Service while MMS means Multimedia Messaging Service. This is the next level of a text message allowing video, audio and picture content to be sent to a mobile device. Sending an MMS can lead to a premium price depending on the text message gateway used. Sending SMS and MMS can be sent via computer.

Most SMS gateway providers offer MMS capabilities at a slightly higher price, which is optimal for SMS campaigns and promotional messaging.

Email to SMS gateways have gained popularity as they monitor the e-mails that are processed to be sent to mobile phones. Email security gateways can assist in preventing unwanted content from been delivered that can be caused by phishing attacks, SPAM and malware.


Free Trial Offers To Test SMS Gateway USA providers

Some SMS gateway providers in the US provide free trial periods to enable businesses to assess the functionality, reliability, and efficiency of the SMS gateway. Trials can vary from 5 SMS to 25 SMS free SMS messages, depending on the provider’s offer. Messente, ClickSend, SMS Global, Twilio, and Burst SMS offer a free trial based on the number of text messages or a set period of time.

Integrate SMS By SMS Gateway USA Providers

With the use of flexible SMS API, gateway providers in the United States can integrate SMS services into their systems for optimal functionality. New SMS integrations can often be added later on. Most of the providers within the SMS gateway list have an API that can send more than 100 text messages at any one time. For example, a business is able to check the balance and delivery status of a single or group of text messages without the need to log in to a web interface. The official Microsoft ASP.NET Site is available for PHP, Ruby, and .NET. There is no concern about shared resources as These providers have dedicated SMS API servers, therefore shared resources aren’t a concern. This allows text messages to be sent and received with efficient, reliable distribution. A majority of USA providers have easy authentication and quick HTML integrations and are connected with applications such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Zapier, and Infusionsoft.

Text Message Gateway USA Services on offer

A US text message gateway is an online platform that provides a business with the ability to send mass text messages within seconds to a particular audience in their contact lists. A gateway platform acts as an SMS communication channel between the user and the telecommunication network. There are both premier and hybrid telecommunication services, however, the hybrid services tend to be cheaper overseas providers and are known to be less efficient than those within the USA. Many of the gateway USA providers such as Messente, use highly reliable carriers, have an up-time of 99.9%, and have a 100% money-back guarantee. Most American text message gateway providers have customer care centers in the USA. This enables them to respond quickly to any questions or concerns surrounding the distribution of mass text messages. Providers also supply an SMS service that engages with customers and enables the ability to track and measure campaign performance.

About Our SMS Gateway Provider Comparison Site

Our SMS gateway provider comparison table demonstrates the key highlights and features of the top 8 SMS gateway providers in the USA. Other SMS providers which were analyzed included Messente, ClickSend MessageMedia, Twilio, Vonage (formerly) Nexmo, BulkSMS, and Clickatell. The information analyzed on this web page was sourced from the SMS gateway provider’s websites, however as data is subject to change, it is recommended that you verify the information with the provider. If you find any mass text message information incorrect, please contact us using our contact form, and we will make amendments immediately. Our mission at SMS comparison is to assist American businesses in choosing the right SMS gateway provider to meet their mass text message requirements.

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    Lucky for you, starting an SMS campaign is easy once you have engaged with an SMS provider. Each provider has a different way of conducting their SMS campaigns, so it is best to follow the instructions on their dashboard or web app.

    For example, with a provider like ClickSend, you can simply log in to your dashboard, go to “Send Quick SMS”, enter your recipients contact details, compose your message, and click send!

    Many SMS providers also offer the ability to send messages via email or any web enabled device.

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    Two way communication like chat is possible in text SMS

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