Who Is BulkSMS?

BulkSMS is a leading global SMS gateway provider, being amongst the best mass text message providers available to American businesses. The text message provider offers a range of SMS services that enable businesses in the US to send and receive two-way text messaging from a computer. The company was founded in 2000 by Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd. and first began in South Africa.

Bulk SMS offers application-to-person (A2P) text messaging services to individuals, small and large businesses, and public benefit organisations. The SMS gateway provider obtains a global presence in over 200 countries, including USA, UK, Europe, and South Africa. With the services and infrastructure provided by Bulk SMS, businesses can send mass text messages to their target audiences simply and effectively. The provider obtains network systems connected to over 800 mobile network operators globally.

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On SMS Comparison USA, you can compare BulkSMS directly to other leading SMS gateway providers, including ClickSend, Twilio, MessageBird, SMSGlobal, and Clickatell.

Based on our BulkSMS.com review, the 5 key areas shown below are the reasons why they are a leading provider in our SMS gateway comparison.

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SMS Gateway Features Offered By Bulk SMS 

Overall, BulkSMS’s SMS API has a large range of powerful features including:

  • Prompt, two-way messaging locally and Internationally
  • Status and delivery reports
  • Ability to send long text messages
  • Distributing text messages using Unicode character sets
  • Incoming long numbers
  • Customer sender ID

An key feature of this provider is their BulkSMS App, which enables businesses to send large volumes of SMS text message via an smartphone or tablet. In addition to this, the mass text message provider offers the ability to purchase dedicated numbers (including short code). These can also be standard rated long numbers for businesses who wish to receive mobile originating SMS messages.

BulkSMS.com offers an Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging service to businesses of any size. The provider was one of the first web-based commercial mass text messaging platforms, and now connects to over 800 GSM networks world wide.

Furthermore, Bulk SMS offers SMS gateway applications including an email to SMS system, which provides a simple form of communication by way of converting an email into an SMS. Email to SMS enables businesses to send SMS messages to their audiences, including reminders, alerts, delivery information, staff rostering and so much more.

Ultimately, our BulkSMS review highlights that the provider offers proficient services that allow American businesses to efficiently deliver important text messages including SMS API integration, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS campaigns, and more.

BulkSMS Offer Great Value Prices

Our BulkSMS.com reviews found that the provider offers highly valuable prices when compared to other leading mass text message providers. Bulk SMS’s costs range in volume between 100 to up to over 28,000 SMS text messages. The larger the volumes of text messages sent per month, the lower the cost per SMS. Discounts offered by Bulk SMS can be as high as 28% on each text message.

Like many mass text message providers, Bulk SMS offers special deals for non-profit organisations and education facilities. Please view their website for more details.

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Furthermore, BulkSMS has no set up fee or monthly fee, and no lock in contracts or hidden fees. There are also special offers provided to non-profit organisations and schools.

Bulk SMS Reliability

BulkSMS offers three routing options. The first option is to use direct carriers, which utilises USA based telecommunication providers. The second is a hybrid option, which utilises the American systems whilst being supported by overseas carriers – this is a cheaper, however less reliable option in the delivery of the text message. The final option is a premium direct carrier, which is most reliable, but most costly form of text message delivery. Additionally, there are standard and economy options which utilises hybrid overseas carriers. Bulk SMS will use the best delivery routes for a businesses text message requirements, however this will affect the cost per SMS, particularly when sending to International phone numbers.

Overall, reliability can be measured by its delivery reassurance, with a uptime guarantee percentage. Unfortunately, Bulk SMS does not provide this uptime service level agreement guarantee, meaning they do not detail the likelihood of the text message being delivered to the recipient.

Customer Care Service Offered By Bulk SMS

As an SMS gateway provider, BulkSMS is extremely transparent. They have a range of phone numbers to contact (including an International mobile number for overseas clients), as well as a support email address for those wishing to contact the provider outside of business hours. BulkSMS.com also offers a FAQ page, API documentation and a video tutorial.

BulkSMS highlight their privacy and anti-spam policy, which are compliant with USA’s CAN-SPAM act.

Ultimately, our BulkSMS.com reviews found the provider to be trustworthy and reputable with their highly regarded customer service.

Privacy Policy & Security Of BulkSMS

When engaging with an SMS gateway provider, a business must consider the level of security, as the personal information of many of their customers are being uploaded to the external party’s API system.

BulkSMS.com has a clearly stated privacy policy and no SPAM policy outlined on their website, highlighting the commitment they have to their client’s privacy, along with the protection of data, particularly when using an external API.

The mass text message provider will always be transparent with any customer or reseller, and communicate via email and other communication platforms.

BulkSMS is a proud member of the Wireless Application Service Provider Association (WASPA), meaning they are compliant with all industry regulations within the area of mobile communication.


About SMS Gateway Solutions

An SMS gateway is a text message solution which enables a website system to distribute mass text messages from a computer directly to a business’s target audience mobile phone. A mass text message gateway enables a web browser to send and receive text messages through leading network providers.

An SMS gateway is essential for businesses that require:

  • Text messages which are time-sensitive
  • To send alerts and reminders to customers
  • Private and secure text messages
  • Two-way communication between business and customer

About This SMS Gateway Comparison Table And Website

The SMS gateway USA comparison table was created to compare the features, costs and services of the leading text message providers in America. The easy to follow information and graphs were formulated by a group of authors who have had some experience with SMS gateway providers in the past.

The data found on this site have been collected from the providers’ websites, and therefore have the possibility to be outdated. Please contact the authors here if you find any of the information to be incorrect.

Overall, this SMS gateway comparison table was created to make it easy for American businesses to compare and choose a text message provider that will meet their needs. This is free for public use, however some affiliate relationships may exist. These relationships do not affect the charges offered by the providers.

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