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Clickatell is one of the leading global SMS mobile messaging services with the ability to connect to over 85% of the world’s population across over 1,000 mobile networks. The mass text message provider has been operating for over 15 years with a reliable SMS gateway platform infrastructure to deliver small, medium and large distribution of text messages sent at any one time to over 220 countries worldwide.

At SMS Comparison USA, our Clickatell review found that the mobile message service can signically reach a wide customer group when compared to the best mass text message providers available.

Our review outlines the key strengths and weaknesses of the text messaging services provided by Clickatell.

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Clickatell Features Review

An important aspect for businesses to consider when engaging in SMS marketing communication (eg. sending alerts, reminders, or upcoming campaigns), is that the text message will be successfully received promptly and in a comprehensive way. Clickatell has a number of features to ensure that these efficient SMS services will be provided.

The SMS message can be delivered to  mobile phone users worldwide within a matter of seconds. Our Clickatell review found that over 90% of all SMS messages sent are read within a period of 90 seconds of being sent. Therefore, most text messages are opened and read within a matter of seconds, especially when compared to other communication platforms such as emails. To learn more about the power of text messaging services, read our article here.

The capability to offer a two-way communication system means that American businesses can receive mobile user-replies. Clickatell’s two-way messaging service works with a short code or dedicated number which enables audiences to reply to text messages and encouraging further communication if required. This offers an effective form of communication, providing valuable information particularly if there is a need for change required such as for staff rostering or an appointment confirmations.

Two-way messaging services are also a great way to track orders by just sending a SMS with a tracking number to your short code.

Overall, the key strengths of Clickatell as a mass text message provider:

  • Ability to send large volumes of SMS messages at any one time
  • Email integration system (email to SMS) without the requirement for any additional software
  • Cloud-hosted to ensure the business can manage SMS API connections
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Ability to use Clickatell’s APIs to integrate with its global gateway platform
  • Provision of real-time reports for monitoring the responses by mobile phone users

Our Clickatell review analysed the key features offered by a range of global mass text message providers. Clickatell is a mid-range SMS provider, scoring an average of 7/10 according to Trustpilot.

Value For Money

Overall, our Clickatell review found that the global SMS provider offers cost effective pricing schedules and plans for businesses in the US wanting to engage in their mobile marketing services. Clickatell states that negotiate the lowest pricing, using their premium or hybrid telecommunication routes. The premium routes use American telecommunication carriers which will be more reliable, however, more expensive. Whereas, hybrid utilises both premium and international routes that are not as reliable or are slower in their distribution of text messages.

Clickatell’s pricing structure is based on economies of scale, showing that a larger number of SMS messages distributed means that a business will pay less per text message. For example, for their Tier 1 pricing schedule (less than 10,000 SMS), the business will pay more than their Tier 2 structure (under 50,000 SMS). There are 6 Tiers in total, and the higher the Tier, the lower the cost.

On the Clickatell website, there is a schedule with a drop down menu to enable the business to select the country and currency they wish to send text messages to, to enable them to view the pricing dependent on volume of SMS to that particular country.

Clickatell specifies three types of messages termed Standard, Time Critical, and Two-Way Messaging. It should be noted that these prices can change without notice and does not include taxes.

Ultimately, our Clickatell review found that the provider’s prices compared fairly well compared to other global mass text message providers, as shown in the graph below.

Reliability Of Clickatell As A Mass Text Messaging Provider

Our Clickatell review found that in terms of uptime (reliability) and latency (timeliness), there is no direct indication of offering a full or 100% uptime guarantee. Clickatell only states that a business will achieve a “staggering 98% open rate” for mass distribution of text messages. A number of other global SMS providers offer a 99%+ uptime SLA, which is more reassuring that most, if not all, text messages will be successfully delivered within a certain time frame.

In addition to reliability, a business much consider the ease of sending mass text messages from a computer. Simple SMS integration of an API platform into a business’s existing systems in extremely important. A business must be reasurred that the system will be quick, with no hassles using a cloud-hosted user-friendly web interface.

Furthermore, the SMS API must have the capacity and ability to ensure that the mass text messages will reach all mobile phone users in the business’s contact lists. As Clickatell’s SMS platform delivers millions of SMS messages across numerous telecommunication networks every month, this appears not to be an issue.

Overall, based on our Clickatell review, we found that the SMS provider ranks fairly low in terms of uptime and latency when compared with other leading mass text message competitors.

Reputation & Customer Support Of Clickatell As A Global SMS Provider

Our Clickatell review found that the reputable mass text message provider has significant marketshare when compared to other global SMS providers. The provider has leading global clients such as Telegram, IMDb, WhatsApp, Citrix, Ericsson, and Target.

In terms of customer support services, Clickatell appears to have a customer care centre, however to contact the SMS provider, business’s can only fill in an online form. There are also FAQ pages and a popular queries section which enables business’s to learn more about their services.

Furthermore, there does appear to be any mention of SPAM Compliant, quality control, privacy or confidentiality of text message distribution, therefore, our support services analysis found Clickatell to be the weakest amongst its SMS competitors.


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