Top 8 SMS From Computer Providers 2022

Below is our list of the top computer messaging providers:

SMS Provider Reviewed

Overall rating
Price (out of 5) 4.5 4.5 4.5 4 4
Tools (out of 5) 5 5 4.5 3.5 4.5
Trust (out of 5) 5 5 4 4 5
Customer service (out of 5) 5 4.5 3 5 5
Years founded 2006 2008 2010 2006 2000
Listed or Private company Private Private Private Private Private
Head Office Perth, Australia San Fransisco, USA New Jersey, USA California, USA California, United States


Price per smsClickSendTwilioNexmoTrumpiaClickatell
  • >250K+
  • >100K+
  • >10K+
  • >2000
  • $0.0005
  • $0.0020
  • $0.0075

Contact Twilio (for small volumes)

  • $0.0093 per SMS



Payment mode Prepaid & Invoice Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay Prepaid & Invoice Monthly Plan, Pre-Pay Custom Pricing Plan
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees
Payment methods Credit Card or Direct Debit Pay-as-you-go, Pre-Pay N/A Monthly Plan, Pre-Pay Custom Pricing Plan
Payment mode Prepaid & Invoice Credit card or direct debit Prepaid & Invoice Credit card or direct debit Credit card or direct debit
Price match
Set up fees
Monthly fees

SMS Functions

API for Developers
The Vonage API Platform
Software needed
2-Way SMS
Email to SMS
Carriers American & Overseas Global Global Global Global
Dedicated number
Inbound SMS Free
Money back guarantee


Global coverage
Gateway uptime 100% 99.99% 99.99% N/A 99%+
SLA guarantee
Spam compliant
Security and Privacy policy

Customer care service

Free trial
50 Free SMS
Phone support
Yes Yes
Email support
Support hours 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Reviews Trustpilot = 4.4/5 - 876 reviews 4.6/5 - ‎205 Reviews Trustpilot = 2.3/5 - ‎7 reviews 4.3/5 - ‎51 Reviews 4.6/5 - ‎90+ Reviews


Overall rating 9.5 9 8 8 9
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ClickSend Is America’s Best Computer SMS Solution

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After our comparison of the best SMS Gateway Providers in the US, ClickSend is our top pick:

  • Best SMS Prices ($0.0092 per SMS)
  • 100% up-time and SLA guarantee
  • Offer SMS reseller discounts
  • Ability to send Mass SMS via computer as a native feature
  • Easily integrated and scalable for SMS mass distribution
  • Strong connections with direct carriers like AT&T and Verizon

ClickSend Review >>Visit ClickSend>>

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

Value For Money
10 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
8 / 10
9 / 10
Customer Service
9 / 10

The top 3 ways to send Bulk SMS from a computer

SMS marketing has grown to become one of the most effective marketing methods for modern businesses in America. Due to high open rates (95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes) and flexible pricing options, mass text messaging has become available for use in marketing campaigns by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

There are many ways that a business could send mass text messages from a computer, the top 3 most common are:

  • Using an SMS Gateway Provider, businesses can access specific SMS software or online platforms that allow businesses to manage and send mass text messages from a computer.
  • With a Bulk SMS API, businesses can send large volumes of text messages at scale easily using a combination of an SMS API and an SMS gateway.
  • With an Email To SMS service, businesses can use any connected email account to send an email that is converted to mass text messages by the SMS Provider.

The easiest of the three options is by far using an SMS Gateway Provider such as ClickSend, whose online UI makes it easy to draft, manage, track and send mass text messages. This is the solution recommended for SMEs as well as larger corporations who wish to send bulk text messages to their target audiences.

Sending SMS Using Windows Or Mac


How to send SMS from a computer using Google Voice

Using SMS Templates To Send Mass Text Messages

How To Send Text Messages From A Computer?

The top 3 ways to send SMS from a computer

There are many easy ways to send SMS from computer in America. The top 3 ways to send text messages from a PC, laptop or tablet are:

  • Using of iMessage (on an Apple Mac computer or laptop) or Android Messaging (on Android and PC) through a computer to SMS messaging App
  • Email to SMS – sending an email which is then converted into an SMS using a mobile phone service provider (e.g. mobile-phone-number at
  • Sending text message through an SMS provider using an online web platform

The final option is one of the easiest ways to send messages from a computer, particularly for SMEs and larger corporations who wish to send bulk text messages to target audiences. SMS providers will offer web SMS capabilities, which enable businesses to send and receive text messages from their computer via an app.

Another way SMS providers offer text messages via computer services is through email to SMS, using a businesses existing email system (eg. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), or through an simple web interface. With such interfaces, businesses are able to schedule their SMS messages, as well as personalize text messages to their target audiences.

How To Send SMS From A Computer With ClickSend

ClickSend is a global SMS gateway provider which is highly popular amongst businesses around the world for its ability to send text messages from a computer. The text message provider offers an industry leading API software which integrates seamlessly with any web-enabled computer to send and receive text messages anywhere, any time to a cell phone or smartphone.

This includes a messaging application plugin for email service providers such as Microsoft Outlook, or email to SMS services, enabling seamless integration with email software using an email to SMS portable. ClickSend’s email to SMS portable is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many other email software providers.

4 simple steps to sending bulk SMS from a computer

Businesses can send SMS from computer easily using an SMS gateway provider by following the steps below:

  1. Register to an text message from computer provider
  2. Log into your existing email login (most SMS provider will cater for any email client)
  3. Compose your message as normal, addressing the email to the SMS provider chosen (e.g. mobile-phone-number at
  4. Send the message and the SMS provider will convert your email to SMS

ClickSend is a provider which offers a top online SMS gateway. This web-based platform can be access via a dashboard on any web-enabled device. Within this dashboard, businesses can upload their contact lists, organize them, then send and receive their SMS marketing messages as required. Such online SMS gateway portals also enable businesses to track their campaigns easily and send business messages to large volumes of mobile phones.

Along with full reporting features and the ability to send single to mass volumes of text messages to target mobile numbers, ClickSend have simplified the process of sending SMS message from a computer. The SMS provider offers the following SMS features and services:

  • No setup, contract or monthly fees
  • Average delivery time of 11.9 seconds
  • A 99.75% network uptime guarantee
  • Full reporting including opt-out statuses and non-existent numbers (that are able to be exported to programs such as Microsoft Excel)
  • Virtual number option
  • Short codes
  • MMS capabilities

View Review >>Visit Website >>


SMS providers like ClickSend ensure that businesses can access their services at any given time, as long as they have access to the internet and a web-enabled device.

This includes a Windows computer with Google Chrome, or an Apple Mac with Safari, so no matter what a business uses, they have the capability to integrate SMS marketing into their systems. Additionally, the provider offers a 12 month expiry for all SMS credits, meaning businesses have up to a year to spend the text messages they purchase. The larger the volumes of text messages purchased, the cheaper the cost becomes.

In terms of the network route utilized, ClickSend uses a hybrid communication route, meaning they will use both American and international telecommunication providers to send text messages. The provider will use the cheapest option available, meaning they are always able to offer businesses an affordable price.

A price comparison of the leading text message providers have been analyzed and displayed in the table below. ClickSend offer the most competitive pricing when it comes to text messaging from computer. Due to ClickSend’s price match guarantee, their pricing is more competitive. However, all other web SMS providers still offers a great level of service when it comes to sending a text message from a business’s computer to a customer’s mobile phone.

How reliable is sending a text message from computer?

The ability to send SMS from computer is made easy and quick with the vast range of features and services offered by today’s mass text message providers. However, with this service, one must consider how reliable the SMS provider is in delivering the text message successfully.

Having a sound connection with American mobile carriers is essential for text message from computer providers. Leading telecommunication providers such as T-Mobile ( and Verizon ( will ensure that SMS messages are sent and received to the correct phone number. Text message providers should also have a software which sends a business delivery status’s and reports to enable the analysis of SMS campaigns.

Additionally, the SMS company should be anti-SPAM compliant, as well as have their own privacy policy to ensure that their data is secure and reliable.

If businesses are still unsure about the reliability of the text message from computer service, they are able to partake in a free trial, to ensure the services meet the needs of their business. ClickSend’s ability to offer a price match guarantee means their services are slightly more reliable than other SMS providers.

Free SMS Trial

When researching the various ways to send a text message from computer via USA SMS providers, an easy and effective way to understand the services offered is by taking advantage of the free text message trials offered. Different providers have different ways of showing what they are able to do for those interested. For example, providers such as ClickSend offer a free trial for up to 60 SMS messages. Overseas SMS providers do not appear to be as generous as some USA providers, with providers such as MessageBird offering a small fee to try out their services. These types of trials are usually offered over a trial period of around two weeks and are supported by a live customer call center. No credit card information is collected with no obligations. It is a great way of seeing first-hand how to send SMS from computer can be successfully conducted by American providers.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a great way to communicate with target audiences, and can be effectively done via text message from computer providers in USA. SMS marketing has been seen to engage with existing and prospective customers, form long last relationships, and in turn, drive revenue for many businesses. Thus, SMS marketing should be undertaken as an affordable and effective means to create a personal, two-way communication with individuals. SMS messages are able to be sent to both an android or iOS iPhone user – therefore, nobody will miss out on important messages. No matter what form of message a business wishes to send, whether this be an iMessage, Android message, or regular text message, SMS marketing providers are able to send these text messages from a web browser with ease.

Research has shown that most mobile phone users, whether Apple or Android, have their phone in close proximity and will constantly review any incoming calls and text messages with minutes. Learn more about the benefits of text messaging for businesses in 2022. Therefore, it text message marketing is an instant way of communicating and notifying customers of important messages. Another valued aspect to send a text message from computer in America is the opportunity to easily personalize USA text messages to meet the marketing needs of the customer. Additionally text message campaigns can be easily incorporated into other marketing strategies through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about SMS marketing and how it can benefit your business with our SMS marketing guide below.


SMS Marketing Guide >>



Mass Text Message Volumes, Character Limits & Requirements

The volume of text messages sent via computer will vary dependent on the individual business’s SMS needs. Text messages have a character limit of 160 characters. Any SMS messages that exceed this limit will be sent as multiple messages. Therefore, messages must be clear, concise, and straight to the point.

Additionally, businesses must ensure they choose the specific phone numbers that will positively respond to the message, to ensure their SMS messages aren’t viewed as spam and ignored. That’s why the personalization of text messages is extremely important. If receivers feel directly communicated to, they are more likely to take action on those campaign messages.

Send Email To SMS Via Email Gateways

As mentioned above and in our Email To SMS Gateway Comparison article, email to SMS gateways can be utilized to easily send text messages from a computer.

Popular email to SMS gateways and MMS gateways include

  • AT&T: number at (SMS), number at (MMS)
  • T-Mobile: number at (SMS & MMS)
  • Verizon: number at (SMS), number at (MMS)
  • And more!

For more information, visit out email to SMS page below.


Email To SMS Gateway >>

Background Information On SMS Comparison USA

With various options available in the American SMS industry, the authors at SMS Comparison USA understand how difficult it can be to compare text message from computer providers. Having worked in the text message industry in the past, the authors have provided key information that is important to understand before engaging with a prospective SMS provider. The key data has been compared and analyzed completely independently from the providers, and free of charge for any business to use.

SMS Comparison also provides a guide for those looking for free sites (not ideal for businesses). Due to this data being gathered and compared manually, the providers may  change their prices and features without notification. Thus, it is important that a business checks the provider’s website before engaging with their SMS services. If any information found on this site is incorrect or out of date, please contact the authors here and changes will be made.

Whilst sending a text message from computer is simple and easy, it is also just as simple to send SMS marketing messages through texting apps provided by these SMS gateway providers. Thus all avenues of text marketing should be investigated before engaging with a single route.


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