What Is A Bulk SMS Gateway?

In order to directly communicate with customers, clients, stakeholders, and staff, businesses should utilize SMS marketing through sending bulk SMS gateways to get their information out as fast as possible. A Bulk SMS gateway API is an application programming interface which is able to be integrated into any existing software (such as a mobile phone or email) that will enable businesses to send mass text messages through major telecommunication providers. These premium routes will be sent via mobile network providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and many more.

What an SMS gateway API offers is a website or application which has the capacity to disseminate or receive text messages (SMS) from a web browser that will be directed to receivers whether they are customers or clients or staff served by that direct gateway carrier system.

Businesses should utilize bulk SMS gateway providers when wanting to deliver:

  • Time-sensitive SMS messages
  • SMS reminders
  • SMS alerts
  • Booking confirmations
  • Highly confidential marketing messages
  • Marketing communication campaigns
  • Notifying when deliveries are sent
  • Messages where customers are able to respond

Bulk SMS industries

The issue when comparing SMS providers in USA is that it is not easy to see which one best suits your needs. Every SMS service provider has a range of SMS services, products and tools for businesses, which can be quite confusing when trying to decide on the right one for your business. On top of this, offering a variety of price schedules when using different SMS gateways adds to the complication. Therefore, it is imperative that you know all about the differences so that you can assess and determine the best value for money, whilst being assured that text messages are delivered efficiently and effectively. The use of the Bulk SMS Gateway Comparison Table will make your life simpler and easier to assess the right provider for your needs.

Two Types Of SMS Gateway: Which One To Choose?

Deciding on your preferred American SMS providers will depend on SMS gateway the provider uses. The two types of SMS gateways are the premium SMS gateway or a hybrid SMS gateway. Generally, most large and well known providers will offer premium gateways.

Global Mass text Messaging Gateways

The major difference between a Carrier Direct (sometimes known as Tier-1 or Premium) gateway and a Hybrid (or Grey) gateway is the passageway the SMS company uses to reach the end user’s mobile phone.

A Carrier Direct (or premium) gateway will send SMS messages directly from a computer or mobile phone to a reliable American SMS provider, meaning the message will stay within the USA, through telecommunication providers such as Verizon. This connection is paramount for messages which are time-sensitive or where confidentiality and privacy may be a concern, for example if sending through pin numbers. A Carrier Direct gateway will be more costly for each SMS message sent, however be far more reliable.

The cheaper alternative route is a Hybrid or Grey gateway. This service is more affordable, however will take more time for the message to be delivered, meaning it is useful for sending bulk SMS messages for promotional and marketing campaigns which are not time-critical. The hybrid gateways service will send your SMS by means of the cheapest route available. This means that SMS messages may be delivered outside of American shores to international carriers, then rebounded back to USA SMS gateway carrier. Thus, may result in a delay of your message and consequently lead to a later or slower delivery time.

When comparing the SMS gateway services offered by the leading SMS providers, it was analyzed that ClickSend is the best mass text message provider, offering both types of bulk SMS gateway options. To learn more about ClickSend’s SMS solutions, view our ClickSend review or visit their website below.


View ClickSend Review >>Visit Website >>


In summary, Direct and Hybrid gateways offer:

 Direct gateway Time reliant SMS SMS alerts Confidentiality required Importance of information
 Hybrid gateway Bulk SMS (not time restricted) Marketing campaigns Appointment reminders Service delivery notifications

Bulk SMS Gateway Provider Features

Based on our SMS Gateway USA Service review, it was found that ClickSend has the best services of all major providers that were compared. ClickSend utilizes premium American telecommunication networks to enable small, medium, and large businesses to send thousands of text messages at any given time. With this bulk SMS gateway, businesses can schedule their SMS deliveries for a specific date and time, which is extremely useful for time-critical messaging.

ClickSend provides the ability to send a large range of SMS solutions including SMS reminders and confirmations through browser based messaging platforms. The bulk SMS gateway also provides the ability for the recipient to respond to the text message, thereby allowing for effective two-way communication. Replies are managed by an inbound system, which can go straight through to an existing email platform or mobile phone.

Another core advantage is the ability for phone numbers to be stored in an Excel spreadsheet or similar format, which can then be transported to an external program where contacts can be managed effectively and cleaned up by the SMS provider, therefore diminishing any likelihood or sending SMS messages to wrong/disconnected numbers. Translating information into text messages will allow businesses to personalise reminder messages, or improve and strengthen the relationship with clients, stakeholders, employees and customers.

The comparison of SMS Gateway service providers showed that ClickSend, MessageMedia, WholesaleSMS, and DirectSMS gateway networks do provide sound support for a large range of SMS solutions which may cover browser based message platforms in USA.

As shown in the graph below, ClickSend has the most effective and successful range of SMS features when compared to the leading SMS gateway providers. This is closely followed by WholesaleSMS and MessageMedia. Whilst the other providers were not ranked as highly as these 3, it should be noted that they are still sound SMS providers and therefore are worth exploring.

Bulk SMS Gateway Prices

Upon reviewing the top bulk SMS gateway providers based on price, it was shown that WholesaleSMS provides the best value. Wholesale SMS offers the cheapest rate for message cost, whether it be on a small distribution level or large volumes of 50, 000 + or 500,000+.  On average, it is around 10% to 15% cheaper than the other SMS gateway providers. WholesaleSMS has the cheapest rates based on a yearly basis, and has no ongoing monthly fees.

WholesaleSMS price


View Wholesale SMS Review >>Visit Website >>


Looking at the graphical table representation provided below, WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rates and achieved a top rating. Other providers’ rates are between 10% to 30% more expensive than the cheapest prices. It is worth noting that some SMS gateway providers do charge additional fees for SMS services such as virtual numbers and short codes.

Reliability Of Bulk SMS Gateway Providers

In terms of reliability of the SMS gateway API, MessageMedia, WholesaleSMS and DirectSMS are regarded as delivering the most reliable bulk SMS solutions to USA businesses. These bulk SMS gateways are able to meet the needs of communicating promptly and effectively to their customers, clients and staff at any time of the day or night on a 24/7 basis. These SMS providers are able to provide state-of-the-art technology supported by sound technical advice on an ongoing basis for all their clients.

Like most gateway service providers, MessageMedia ensures that sending mass text messages is a simple process from the start to finish, all taking just 30 seconds. Individuals, organizations and businesses, whether big or small, can access their SMS needs from anywhere since no specialized software is needed. The only thing that is required is to be able to login from anywhere with an internet connection and the rest is resolved.

Additionally, bulk SMS providers like MessageMedia provide full reporting services, which is highly effective for businesses to review the results and data at any time and remove numbers if they are no longer active or required.

However, it should be emphasised that MessageMedia does not provide an up-time SLA guarantee which may be an issue if you require 100% of your text messages to be delivered on time.

Bulk SMS Gateway Provider Reputation

Overall, when reviewing the reputation of these bulk SMS gateway providers, Clickatell is the most highly regarded. Clickatell is a premium provider, offering a reliable SMS APIs to clients that require to communicate on an on-going basis from PCs and web browsers through different IT platforms including Outlook Mobile Service, Email to SMS, Bulk SMS, Online SMS, and SMS Gateway USA.

Clickatell is known for its long established company standing distributing bulk SMS messages to clients, customers, stakeholders and employees, for purpose of either or and promotions, reminders and updates in USA.

Clickatell Premium SMS Gateway Features USA

When reviewing both SMS Broadcast and Clickatell, it is evident that these bulk SMS providers provide state-of-the-art IT technology that is well supported by their great technical support department. Customer service and result orientated are areas of great importance to these providers to achieve a top level of customer or client satisfaction.

To learn more about Clickatell and their various features, visit their website or explore our Clickatell review.

View Clickatell Review >>Visit Website >>


From the comparative set of graphs on reputation, it can be seen that Clickatell rates extremely highly with full marks, rating 100 out of 100. This is followed by SMS Broadcast with a very good reputation rating of 86 out of a total of 100. This is followed relatively closely by WholesaleSMS and SMS Tech.

About This Bulk SMS Gateway Review

Every bulk SMS gateway provider is different, offering various ranges of SMS features, at different prices and pricing structures, therefore making it difficult to analyse each and every one. At SMS Comparison, our goal is to make it easier for American businesses to select the right SMS gateway provider for their SMS requirements by using our bulk SMS table that compares different bulk SMS gateway providers in USA.

This comparison website was created completely independently, and therefore provided free of charge for any business to use. However, it should be highlighted that if you do click through to the provider’s websites, a commission may be asked from that provider.

Should any of the information on this page or any other page on this site be out of date, please contact the authors using the contact form and changes will be made.

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