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Textedly is a Southern California SMS provider offering Mass text messaging throughout the USA with the adoption of a cloud platform.

View the Textedly review below including pricing, features, reliability and other text messaging details.

Textedly – A Mass Text Messaging Service

One of the big players in the mass text messaging service in USA is Textedly. It provides an effective means of communication through cell phone channels so that enterprises will be able to promote, advertise a product or service, send announcements, notifications, alerts and reminders to the target market specified by the business.

By sending large volumes of SMS at any one time to a small, medium or large- size audience within a matter of minutes means that these cell phone users will take note of the business message. It has been shown that over 90% of cell phone users read their text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them and nearly all users read their messages within 24 hours. This means the SMS is a very effective way of communicating a point.

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The fact that cell phone users rarely leave their place without their mobile means Textedly can assist businesses in contacting users very easily through their powerful automated SMS engagement tools and worldwide cell phone coverage. Every SMS sent by Textedly is uniquely identified and goes directly to the mobile user.

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Features of Textedly

Textedly has the infrastructure API platform to allow a large volume of SMS to be sent immediately at the organization instruction. This information technology system is able to automatically gather and distribute a contact data list with the customised text message and also be able to receive a response in a matter of 3-5 seconds if required. This becomes a two-way communication vehicle unlike the past traditional forms of communications. SMS is more effective than emails, it is a sure way to receive a prompt response from a message sent by a business.

Textedly Mass Texting Features

Its web base self-service platform ensures the simplicity of login from any computer. This means the text message prepared for distribution can be sent to Textedly to be converted and sent to all nominated mobile end users in a readable format.

There are a number of texting features that can be used by organisations such as:

  1. Mass group SMS distribution – sending large volume of SMS within a matter of seconds after the instruction is given.
  2. Mobile subscribers – cell phone users can automatically sign to receive marketing and communication messages by just texting their dedicated, custom keyword to a Short Code 33222.
  3. Schedule SMS – a schedule can be set up for dissemination of a single text message at a specific time and date.
  4. Length of SMS – One of the few providers that can send a longer text messages with over 300 characters instead of the standard 160 characters.
  5. Multimedia Messaging – able to send inbound MMS messages so that users can view photos, usages and keep them well informed.

There is an extensive list of more features offered by Textedly that can be found on their website.

Schedule of Charges by Textedly

This mass-text-messaging service offers a range of charges for the enterprise texting options. It clearly outlines that the packages are dependent on charges on the number of SMS that are sent each monthly period. Textedly offer smaller organisations a fee structure dependent on their lower number of messages sent.

Small Business Textedly Plans

Small Business Textedly Review Of Plans

Medium to large companies with a larger volume of text message will have a cheaper charge for each message sent per month, based on economies of scale. All incoming SMS messages are free of charge and the enterprise only pays for the messages that are distributed.

Large Business Textedly Plans

Large Business Textedly Review Of Plans

The monthly charge has a minimum charge with the inclusion of keywords and the number of outbound text messages. They promote a start-up with 14 days free trial, which was not found by many of their mass text competitors.

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Reliability and Security of Textedly

One of the most pertinent questions is how reliable and secure is their mass texting service. They have partnered with over 1800 mobile carriers to ensure the text message is delivered in real-time speeds.

However, Textedly does not appear to have a service level agreement and there is no mention of their up-time guarantee to indicate the number of SMS that are received by the mobile users once the message is distributed. Additionally, there is no mention of the latency rate to indicate the time taken for a SMS to be reached to the mobile user after it has been sent out. The statistics of 98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes is a general SMS statistic and does not reflect Textedly latency and up-time rate of the time and reliability of SMS distribution.


This mass text messaging service does appear to maintain a full compliant SMS text messaging platform with a Privacy policy and an Anti-Spam policy provided. It is attuned to ensuring compliance matters are taken seriously.

From a security point, Textedly states that it data and information is safe and secure using their Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology involved in an encrypted link between their web server and a browser. Textedly has a Certificate of SSL technology

Customer Care Service

It can be seen that Textedly has a Customer Call centre with one number for current customer calls only available during business hours Monday to Friday. Similarly, there is a contact number for information and pricing during business hours only. There is no indication it will respond quickly to urgent matters.

There is a pop up person on the website who is prepared to assist and an email site where one can ask for assistance or information. A blog is also available.

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Last updates on 25 March 2018

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