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With over 10 years global experience in the mass text message field, Burst SMS are a leading SMS gateway provider, with prices starting from $0.049 per text message. View our analysis on Burst SMS pricing, features, reliability, and customer service in comparison to other major bulk SMS providers in the USA.

By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Friday, June 14th, 2019

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About Burst SMS Gateway Offering To USA Businesses

After analysing a wide range of SMS gateway providers, Burst SMS was selected due to its ability to run high speed sms marketing connections to businesses world wide. The American gateway service provider has distributed over 250 million SMS text messages within its 10 years of experience. These messages are sent to customers’ mobile phones all over the globe within a matter of minutes. Burst SMS uses an SMS API or an online SMS campaign management system.

Our SMS Gateway Comparison Table compares Burst SMS pricing, features, and services to other major SMS gateway providers.

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Burst SMS Pricing

The Bulk SMS USA price includes a pre-paid pricing plan, which means businesses will know the charges of mass text message distribution. To send a small amount of text messages, the Bulk SMS pack price is fairly expensive, however as this volume increases, the price becomes better value. The 4 pricing packs offered startĀ from 500+ SMS for starters to an advanced 5000+. This is followed by a business category for 25000+ SMS and for their largest volumes the price with GST included is 5.4cents for each text message sent.

An advantage of Bulk SMS is that there is no set up fee or monthly fee and no lock in contract. However, if a business wishes to obtain a dedicated virtual number (e.g. short code), a monthly fee will be incurred.

Burst SMS Features

Burst SMS has a high performance gateway with access to the major USA telecommunication carriers including Verizon, T Mobile, and Sprint. These are all highly reliable carriers and accessible through the Burst SMS network system, enabling businesses to send mass text messages in short time frames. This is supported by the gateway provider’s load balancing queue prioritisation that will ensure fast delivery of text messages to audiences’ mobile phones.

Additionally, BurstSMS has a feature which provides detailed delivery reports on all its accounts. This enables businesses to review text message delivery confirmations and bounce rates in real time.

Another important feature is the Burst SMS API. This is designed to integrate into any communication platform, meaning that developers can send and receive text messages from existing applications with ease. These API servers are not shared with other SMS gateways, resulting in text messages being sent and received efficiently, and reliably. Thus, clients can set up their own contact lists, keywords, and schedule messages, as well as sign up to a call back system to receive inbound text messages.

Burst SMS offers SMS marketing, email to SMS, two-way SMS, and an online Web SMS platform, making it a stand out provider amongst gateway providers in the US.

Burst SMS Gateway Features
Burst SMS Support Services

The Burst SMS website provides optimal opportunities to be transparent and engage with potential and existing clients. The SMS provider has a customer Help Desk, phone number, Skype contact, Facebook, and even a ticket submission form for online enquiries.

In addition, Burst SMS offers a 14 day free trial. This is a feature that a number of gateway providers do not offer.

Burst SMS Gateway Service Reliability

With its highly sophisticated text message software, Burst SMS claims a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. Additionally they have a 100% money back guarantee for their SMS delivery. Thus, with over 250 million text messages sent world wide, businesses can be assured that their mass text messages will be delivered.

Burst Text Message Key Strengths

Burst SMS also promises that text messages are ant-SPAM compliant. This ensures that security and privacy are important to the gateway provider. As a standard feature, Burst SMS has a list cleaning service which will clean an SMS contact list and can reformat numbers when they are in different styles.

Dedicated virtual numbers (e.g. short code) is provided by Burst SMS, meaning that businesses can send text messages from an exclusive phone number. This is important for audiences in marketing campaigns so they can recognise the business number and the business can receive valuable feedback.

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About This SMS Gateway Comparison Site

The authors of this site have worked with the leading USA gateway providers including Esendex and Nexmo as well as some International bulk SMS providers and have a mission to provide an understanding of the major SMS gateway providers for American businesses. This analysis sought to compare text message marketing providers based on SMS pricing, features, customer service, and overall reliability.

The comparison was formulated independently from the major providers, sourcing the information from their websites into an easy to understand table. Please contact the authors immediately if you find any out-dated information.

Our comparison service is free of charge, however if you engage with the providers through the comparison table, the authors may request a commission (for no extra charge on your business).

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