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EZTexting is a mass text messaging service for medium to small size businesses who require smaller volumes of SMS messages to be sent to audiences at a given time. The EZTexting reviews found this SMS gateway provider to have a sufficient range of SMS features with prices starting from $0.05 per text message.

By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

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Our EZ Texting Review found the SMS provider had the following key strengths:

  • A focus on small to medium sized USA businesses
  • Efficient marketing service that enables USA businesses to utilise mobile marketing to specific audiences
  • Provides a platform to allow a flexible, customized API to manage distribution of SMS
  • Ability to send multimedia messages (MMS)
  • Offer a 250 free SMS trial

There were some key variables which are highlighted in our EZTexting reviews including:

  • Pricing schedule is based on low volumes only and does not include a price match guarantee
  • No mention of success rate for uptime guarantee (% receiving the SMS) and latency (time taken to receive SMS)

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Our EZTexting reviews highlights the provider’s the key strengths and weaknesses. Read on to learn more about the SMS gateway provider.

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EZTexting Reviews As An SMS Gateway provider?

EZTexting is an SMS gateway provider which mainly focuses on small to medium sized companies who do not need to distribute large volumes of SMS marketing messages.

After conducting a deep analysis, EZ Texting was ranked reasonably well amongst the top ten reputable providers, as indicated in the graph below.

EZ Texting has 7.6 reviews from 17 reviewers on TrustPilot. EZ Texting rates fairly well, having a number of features suitable for effective distribution of mass text messages.

EZ Texting Reviews

The provider utilises SMS APIs (Application Programming Interface) which enables US businesses to retrieve data from different systems in a single round trip. With EZTexting’s API gateway, it is able to receive requests and form a text message in a way that can be easily understood by the end mobile phone user.

EZTexting SMS gateway platform enables the ability to deliver a business its own flexible, customised API to manage text message distribution. It uses platforms such as REST, HTTP, or JSON to ensure the right translation of a text message as well as the ability to provide code samples in six different languages.

Another feature of EZ Texting is its MMS gateway platform. This enables mass texting marketing through sending out large volumes of multimedia messages at the same time. MMS communication is a highly effective form of mobile marketing as businesses can visually portray and product or service. This is more widely used in today’s society, with the popularity of smart phones. Images, video, and audio files are notably known to have a much greater impact on communicating with audiences effectively.

Reliability of EZ Texting Gateway service

Reliability of an SMS gateway provider is ranked on the basis of an uptime and latency guarantee (text messages are successfully delivered to the chosen recipients in a timely manner). The information on EZTexting’s website does not specify both their statistics on success rate of uptime and latency in terms of SMS reliability. Thus, businesses should be aware of this when choosing EZTexting as an SMS gateway provider.

EZ Texting SMS Gateway Developer

Based on external EZTexting reviews, only around 70 percent of text messages were received by the end users while only around 65% received MMS. This may be a matter of concern as many SMS gateway providers are able to disclaim an uptime guarantee or a money back guarantee for failed text messages. More than 99% uptime is indicated by a number of SMS gateway providers in the US, with a latency factor of most messages received within seconds of distribution. These low rates indicate that text marketing campaigns may not be completely successful.

From the author’s independent review of SMS gateway reliability providers, ExTexting did not rate well. The better SMS gateway providers that did offer a more reliable, effective and efficient service were Burst SMS, SMS Global, ClickSend and Nexmo. The graph below indicates such rating.

The reviews of the mass text messaging providers listed below indicate that EZTexting falls behind a number of other reputable companies on the basis of reliability.

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Value For Money

In reviewing a range of pricing schedules and options from different SMS gateway providers, factors such as definitive charges per text message per month, as well as other costs associated with distribution such as monthly fees, and cost of sign up were considered.

EZ Texting offers only a low number of text messages distributed on a monthly basis. The pricing schedule was based on numbers of 1000 SMS at 4.9cents, 2000 SMS at 4.7cents and 3300 SMS at 4.5cents. Cost per month were not clear, specifically for plans below 1000 SMS a month and above 3300 SMS a month.

EZ Texting states that there was no monthly fee and it is free to sign up. Keywords per month are an additional cost but no mention of other costs covered by any contractual cost requirements.

Based on the pricing reviews of the SMS gateway providers analysed in the comparison table, it can be seen that EZ Texting does not rate well amongst its competitors.

Customer Support Provided By EZ Texting

EZ Texting provides a phone number, email address, and live chat option for technical support and customer assistance. They also offer a Help button on the website for quick access as well as step by step instructions and a tutorial on the way to use EZ Texting services effectively. EZTexting has a 100% opt-in service.

The SMS gateway provider offers a generous 250 free text message trial with one demo keyword bonus, which is ideal for American businesses to test the system.

EZ Texting Review Support

EZTexting has a privacy and anti-SPAM compliant policy. The provider has strict guidelines to protect the identity and privacy of individuals, and provides an email address to contact for opt out and cancellation options. EZTexting states that it does not disclose phone numbers or provide anyone with clients’ contact or database lists.

From the analysis of the mass text messaging providers reviewed, EZ Texting provides better customer and technical support services compared to a number of competitors.

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Selecting A SMS Gateway Provider

There are a number of SMS gateway providers available to US businesses, therefore reviewing their features, costs, reliability and customer service can be a difficult task.

The first thing to do is to look at a provider’s introductory plan and see if there is a requirement for a contract, and whether it is short or long term. This way a business can decide and ask the support staff to learn more and find out if this form of information is the best tool for their text marketing requirements.

Next, one should investigate the ease of integrating the business’s emails to SMS format, or integrate multimedia messages with other marketing tools, or having the opportunity to integrate the whole messaging platform into an existing software.

Thus, analyse whether the SMS gateway provider has a plan that enables:

  • Access to the provider’s web-based, API platform
  • Easy integration into the provider’s system from existing systems
  • Reporting systems to see how effective the service has been performing
  • Free demonstration of keywords for your database
  • Free trials of text message usage
  • Technical and customer care support service

Finally, it is highly important that the gateway provider has an anti-SPAM compliant policy as well as privacy and confidentiality policy.

What Is An SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway has a reference to an IT platform which allows a business to send or receive text messages from a computer. This is done through a telecommunication carrier network, which are routed into a mobile phone system. Many SMS gateways are engineered so that they can allow emails and other digital communication options, such as MMS, to be converted into text messages.

SMS gateway applications may cover web SMS with database contacts uploaded without the use of any sophisticated software. Emails can be integrated into an SMS format and the use of API SMS service will generate text messages through a CRM software.

It should be noted that SMS (Short Messaging Service) has a limit of 160 characters when being distributed to a mobile phone device. This means that if the text message exceeds this limit, it will be split into separate messages, which is more costly for the sender, and ultimately, confusing for the recipient.


About SMS Comparison And Associated Sites

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The authors hope that the information provided will make it easier to select and engage a SMS provider for a businesses text marketing needs. It must be emphasised that the SMS providers can change their costing and features on their websites without any notice in advance. Should you find any changes in their websites that are different from what has been described in this site or on the comparison table, please let the authors know so that such changes can be made as soon as possible.

The authors hope that this service is both informative and helpful in understanding the services of SMS gateway providers.

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