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Twilio is one of USA’s leading mass text providers, with a well developed API cloud software which enables businesses to send sms messages to target audiences. View our Twilio review based on features, cost, reliability, and customer service in comparison to other leading SMS gateway providers.

By Min Lew / Updated: Monday, June 10th, 2019

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Who Is Twilio?

Twilio is a global cloud communication messaging platform that enables US businesses to multiple communication means (including SMS, and voice chat) to their web and mobile devices.

Twilio’s text message gateway offers SMS messaging through a seamless integration of any web enabled computer with no set up required. Overall, Twilio has the SMS solutions and sophisticated API network that enables businesses to send and receive mass text messages to customers, staff members, and organisations. The company also provides the ability to monitor voice calls, engage with email to SMS, and receive SMS notifications to ensure successful message delivery.



On SMS Comparison you have the ability to directly compare Twilio with America’s other leading SMS gateway providers including ClickSend, BulkSMS, MessageBird, SMSGlobal, and Clickatell.

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Twilio Offer A Low Priced SMS Gateway Service

Our Twilio review highlights the SMS gateway provider as having simple, flexible pricing solutions, including:

  • The provider has programmable SMS services which enables businesses to send text messages with pictures from $0.0075.

The graph below highlights how Twilio’s prices are extremely competitive in the USA. Twilio has a free trial credit with full API access to any business who wants to get started with their range of services. Twilio offers a range of phone numbers for different prices, including short code. Another positive feature is that no credit expiry occurs unlike a number of Twilio’s competitors.

Twilio Offers Strong SMS Gateway Features 

Twilio has a diverse range of features that extend beyond basic SMS services. The mass text message provider enables multi-channel messaging with the ability to use the same API platform across services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, Twilio has phone numbers in over 30 countries world wide, including MMS-enabled numbers in US and Canada, and short codes in US, Canada and UK.

Additionally, Twilio provides MMS capabilities, which means that businesses can send photos and videos instead of worded texts and be delivered quickly and effectively to smartphones.

Twilio also provides text message reply options, which enables two-way communication between business and mobile phone user. This creates long term customer relationships.

Overall, based on our Twilio review, it is found that they encompass successful smart content handling and text message delivery intelligence to ensure that large volumes of text messages are sent as they are prescribed, and within a given time frame.

Twilio offers a powerful API platform that enables businesses to send mass text messages to target audiences. The key features of this SMS gateway provider was compared with the other leading USA companies and reviewed in the graph below.

Reliability Of Twilio As A Gateway Provider

Twilio is an world renown SMS gateway provider with their head office in based in San Fransisco. They have a strong global presence, particularly within the US. Twilio offers a call centre number, live chat option, and contact form.

A big advantage of Twilio is their measure of reliability. The SMS gateway provider’s reliability is highlighted through their 99.99%+ uptime SLA guarantee. Thus, American business are able to put their trust in Twilio in order to utilise their services to send secure, time-sensitive text messages through their API platform.

Reputation Of Twilio As An SMS Gateway Provider

Twilio is a highly transparent SMS gateway provider, with reviews from a number of large corporations displayed throughout their site. The provider has a “Customer Stories” section which highlights key case studies and reviews from businesses like Coca-Cola, AirBnB, Twitter, Dell, and Uber. These Twilio reviews highlight what other global enterprises were able to achieve with the provider’s services.

Additionally, as discussed previously, Twilio is a highly supportive text message provider, offering assistance through the website, phone number, and live chat options.

With their amazing range of features, our Twilio review found that compared to other leading SMS gateway providers available to USA businesses, Twilio is highlighly reputable and rated well amongst its peers.

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Overall Twilio Review

SMS marketing with Twilio is made simple, easy, and efficient with the SMS gateway provider’s intelligent API platform. Overall, mass text messaging providers can be used for a mass text message communication activities including; staff rostering, reminders, alert systems, CRM or sales follow ups, and delivery notifications. At SMS Comparison, our Twilio reviews found this provider offers a range of amazing features including MMS capabilities, SMS notifications, a range of phone numbers in over 30 countries, and intelligent content applications. Ultimately, Twilio services enables USA businesses to send mass text messages to a large number of contact lists.

About SMS Gateway Solutions

An SMS gateway is a website system that allows any business to distribute mass SMS text messages from any web browser directly to target audiences.

A text message gateway enables a computer to send and receive SMS messages through a range of network providers. An SMS gateway provides SMS marketing solutions for those who require:

  • Time-sensitive text messages
  • Send alerts and reminders
  • Private text messaging
  • 2-way communication
  • SMS marketing (e.g. upcoming promotions)

About This SMS Gateway Comparison Table And Site

The SMS gateway USA comparison table by SMS Comparison was formulated to compare the features, reliability, and prices offered by the leading SMS gateway providers. This site was independently cerated by a group of mass text message specialists who have previously worked in the field and have a range of expert knowledge in SMS messaging for businesses. The information is presented in a simply table, outlining the key criteria that is important for businesses to know.

The providers found on the site have the ability to change their information at any given time. Therefore, should be information on this site be out dated or incorrect, please contact the authors here, and changes will be made immediately. It is highly recommended that a business checks the provider’s website before engaging in their services.

This SMS cateway USA comparison table and web site is free for the public to use. However, the authors disclose that some affiliate relationships do exist, but this does not impact the rates and fees billed to the business if deciding to choose an SMS provider.

Last updated on 16th April 2019.

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