WholesaleSMS Review For Text Message Gateways

Wholesale SMS is a relatively new comer offering a variety SMS Gateway features, charges and customer service.

A review was made of WholesaleSMS which can be viewed on our SMS Gateway USA Comparison Table.

Key Strengths Of Wholesale SMS?

The WholesaleSMS review found the provide has:

  • Complete integration with mainstream email clients;
  • Two-way communication ability to vie both ‘sent’ and ‘received’ messages;
  • Melbourne based customer service;
  • Full API documentation, such as codes in PHP, NET, Java & Ruby
  • No setup fees , no monthly fees and no contracts or ongoing fees; and
  • Quick gateway latency ensuring fast message delivery.

Evaluating the various SMS gateway websites present in USA, it can be observed that WholesaleSMS is a substantive SMS gateway provider offering the services of distributing and receiving text messages from email to SMS to specific customers, clients and employees through any reliable web browser without the need for particular software. Such features and services can be identified easily on our SMS Gateway Provider Comparison Table.

Textit Website

SMS Gateway Features Offered By WholesaleSMS 

WholesaleSMS provides a full and seamless integration by offering an Email to SMS service as the easiest and most effective way to send an SMS from a computer without the functionality from any existing customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. Bulk SMS and using Keywords are equally as effective using technology to organise, automate and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.  This is most effective when using SMS as an appointment or payment reminder or for specific notifications like parcel pick up.

Wholesalesms features

The WholesaleSMS gateway is equipped with a high-speed connection to its network suppliers, claiming that they can send an SMS with an average time of around 12 seconds from start to the customer’s mobile. With a reading rate of SMS messages estimated to be around 99% with most text messages being read within three minutes of delivery,  one can appreciate the power of text messaging as a fabulous communications and marketing tool.

On the basis of the review done on WholesaleSMS, it was regarded has providing a good range of features and services for prospective clients.

Is WholesaleSMS Value For Money?

By comparing the websites of SMS gateway providers the Wholesale SMS introductory price starting at 0.75c was one of the cheapest in the market. As the below table shows, prices are based on the package chosen which range from 0.95c to 1.5c after the first purchase.

Wholesale SMS Gateway Provider Prices

Additionally, there are:

  1. No Setup Fees
  2. No Monthly Fees
  3. No Contracts or ongoing fees

The three points above make it ideal for smaller companies who may not want to be bound by any SMS provider. This provides flexibility, making it easy to switch to another provider if they are unhappy with the service of the SMS gateway in general.

Reliability of Wholesale SMS

From the SMS Gateway Comparison table, you will get more than just a better price than the other SMS Gateway providers. You will be provided with a quick and reliable SMS gateway Australia which will mean fast message delivery, which is nearly always a requirement of clients, customers or employees.

The fact that WholesaleSMS gateway is routed directly to Telstra, with Optus and Vodafone networks means that this company can assure clients of maintaining a quick and reliable gateway service.

Reliable Text Message Gateway Statistics

As the diagram above highlights, in September 2016 the average network up-time was 99.75%. This ensures that businesses can get their messages through the text message gateway both reliably and fast with an 11.9 second average delivery time. Ultimately, these stats stack up with some of the more premium providers and combined with their strong customer service, make them a good ‘value’ player in the market.

Reputation of Wholesale SMS among its SMS competitors

From the overview of different SMS Gateway features and services available this Melbourne-based customer support ranked well among its competitors. To know that there is a call centre that is able to respond to queries quickly provides ‘ease-of-mind’ for clients or employees in that their queries can be handled immediately. WholesaleSMS reputation as a leader in two-way communication from both the ‘sent’ and ‘received’ messages perspective is an asset. As you can imagine it becomes an invaluable reference for company events, appointment reminders or even tasks including arranging staff rosters. It manages around seven mission text messages through their gateway each week all around USA.

Text Message Gateway Providers

Although there are significant advantages in the reputation of WholesaleSMS as a SMS gateway USA provider, it should be noted that the credit validity is limited to twelve months unlike other competitors. The up-time guarantee is very good at 99.50% but it does not match 100% up-time and money back guarantee of some other service providers. This may not be a major concern but from a peace of mind point of view, it is not as strong as its competitors. And finally, it was noted that our Wholesale SMS review was unable to elaborate or their client list unlike some other SMS Providers who provide readers with a large and significant client base.

Comparison Table Makes It Easy To Compare SMS Gateway Providers

An SMS Comparison Table was created and developed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who used to work in the SMS but no longer do so. Yet their understanding and appreciation of the confusion by potential clients as to what to look for in deciding to engage a SMS Gateway provider has led to this independent set of reviews and a SMS comparison table. The data has been collected from reviewing a range of top gateway providers’ websites and formulating the SMS Gateway Comparison Table.

Wholesale SMS Website

It needs to be emphasised that prices and features are a guide only and can be updated at any time without prior notification. However if any information is not correct, please let the site developers know and they will be promptly changes.

The comparison table is available to you free of charge but should you click onto their website and use their services then a commission will be made from the SMS provider.

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