SMS Stats At Glance

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billion people worldwide use mobile phones

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of SMS are read and responded to within 3 mins

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9 out of 10

people prefer SMS over phone calls

Choosing An SMS Provider

Help Your Business Succeed With Mass Text Messaging

1. Establish your goals

Before getting started with mass texting, it is important to establish what your objectives are. Do you want to promote new products and services? Increase customer engagement? Defining these goals first!

2. Identify your budget

Cost efficiency should also be taken into account when setting up a mass texting system since SMS-based communication requires a subscription plan from service provider.

3. Pick your features

Different services provide various features for sending messages such as auto-responders, scheduling message delivery times, managing contact lists etc.

4. Compare providers

When looking for a mass text messaging provider, it’s important to compare different providers to find the best service and prices.

5. Send SMS messages

Once you have identified the right provider for your business, the next step is setting up an account so that you can start sending text messages en masse.

6. Succeed!

Now that you have set up your mass texting program it’s time to reap its rewards! Take advantage of using automation via SMS API or SMS Gateways!


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