EZ Texting Provider Summary

EZ Texting is a well-established SMS provider, known best for its smart SMS solutions, MMS messaging capability, and mobile messaging app. EZ Texting is fast and reliable, with basic SMS plans starting at $20 per month. Their enterprise package has the cost per SMS as low as $0.01.

💻 Free Trial:Yes
🏢 Head OfficeNew York, USA
📅 Founded2004
⭐ Reviews: 8/10
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:No
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

Who Is EZ Texting?

EZ Texting, established in 2004 in New York, is a leader in SMS marketing services in the U.S. and Canada. Acquired by CallFire in 2013, the company has expanded its reach both domestically and internationally. Today, EZ Texting employs over 100 professionals globally.

EZ Texting has competitive pricing with plans beginning at $20 per month but they do require a plan and this can be confusing to compare. View the review section below for our 2024 comparison of their plans to other text message providers. The provider also has a comprehensive feature set including advanced keyword and sign-up form capabilities, and robust customer support that includes live chat options.

At SMS Comparison, our EZ Texting review found the provider’s key strengths are:

  • The price range is 1c to 5c per SMS
  • Extensive features including keywords and sign-up forms
  • Strong customer service including live chat

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Value For Money
8 / 10
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Customer Service
9 / 10

How Much Does EZ Texting Cost?

EZ Texting is plan-based with a number of text messages included in each plan (normally 500). After that, a ‘cost per message’ rate applies which is cheaper per message the higher the base plan. I have calculated these plans and excess text messages to compare the provider to other providers. It is clear EZ Texting pricing is more expensive at the SME end but great value at the enterprise end of the market with high monthly send rates.

SMS Comparison Pricing
2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00
2.20 2.20 2.20 2.20
2.93 2.93 2.93 2.93
5.90 2.99 2.70 2.40
3.65 3.35 3.21 3.21
4.00 2.90 2.10 2.00
4.90 3.50 2.50 2.50
5.80 5.40 5.20 5.00

Current is in $$$

EZ Texting offers a flexible pricing model designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Their plans are tiered, starting at $20 per month when billed annually, which allows for scalability based on the number of texts and features needed. This model helps businesses manage costs effectively while scaling their SMS marketing efforts according to their growth and budget.

PlanPrice/MonthFree Messages/MonthCost Per Additional MsgFeaturesBest For
Launch$20500 (6K annually)$0.027Local EZ Textable NumberUp to 500 contacts
Boost$60500 (6K annually)$0.0225Local EZ High-Volume Number500-2,000 contacts
Scale$100500 (6K annually)$0.018Local EZ High-Volume, High-Speed Number2,000-50,000 contacts
Enterprise$3,000200,000$0.010Dedicated Short CodeOver 50,000 contacts or fast opt-in needs

Common Features Across All Plans:

  • Unlimited incoming messages, contacts, and keywords.
  • AI Compose & Team Inbox.
  • List growth tools: QR codes, keywords, sign-up forms, click-to-text generator.
  • Enhanced image library + editor powered by Shutterstock.
  • Integrations: HubSpot, Constant Contact, Square Space, and Zapier.
  • Rollover credits (monthly plans).
  • Contact list management for targeted messaging.
  • Real-time tracking with analytics and reporting tools.
  • Built-in compliance guidance for text marketing.

EZ Texting Pricing

This table should provide a clear and concise comparison of each plan, helping you or potential customers understand which might be the most suitable based on their specific needs. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s always best to check directly on the EZ Texting pricing page.

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How Does EZ Texting Work?

EZ Texting incorporated a global SMS gateway API which can be integrated with a web enabled device. The strongest feature of EZ Texting is their advanced features for SMS marketing. The graph below shows how competitive EZ Texting is compared to other leading SMS services.

I’ve had a chance to explore EZ Texting’s platform and here’s what I’ve found about their top five SMS features:

1. Keywords: Efficient and Engaging

From my experience, the Keyword feature of EZ Texting is incredibly powerful. It allows you to engage with new leads by setting up keywords that, when texted by users, trigger automated replies offering information or promotions. For example, when someone texts ‘mortgage’, they can immediately receive details on services or discounts, which also helps in segmenting and managing these contacts for future strategies.

2. Sign-Up Forms: Fully Customizable

The sign-up forms EZ Texting offers can be customized and embedded directly on your site or linked via your social media. Whether it’s through a WordPress plugin or direct links on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, these forms streamline the process of growing your contact list by automatically updating your database with every new entry.

3. Drip Campaigns: Smart Automation

Drip campaigns are a standout feature for maintaining engagement. You can automate the delivery of a series of messages based on specific timelines or actions taken by your contacts. This feature is perfect for keeping your audience engaged from the moment they subscribe, providing timely updates or reminders without any manual effort once set up.

4. Personalization: Beyond Basic Texts

What I appreciate about EZ Texting is its emphasis on personalization. You can tailor each message based on the recipient’s name, location, or other personal details you have collected. This approach has proven to greatly improve engagement rates and reduce the likelihood of opt-outs, as messages feel more relevant and less generic.

5. Marketing Templates: Save Time and Effort

Lastly, their ready-to-use marketing templates are a great tool for saving time. Whether you need a quick message out or are planning a complex campaign, these templates can be adapted to fit different contexts and industries, making it easier to maintain consistency in your communications while still allowing room for customization.

These features collectively enhance the SMS marketing experience by making it more efficient and personalized, which has been crucial in my ongoing campaigns and efforts to connect with my audience.

Reliability Of EZ Texting

The concerns regarding EZ Texting’s lack of an uptime guarantee and SLA (Service Level Agreement) appear to be somewhat overemphasized in some critiques. While it’s true that EZ Texting doesn’t specifically mention SLAs or uptime guarantees prominently, the platform is generally well-regarded in the industry for reliability and effectiveness. User reviews highlight its functionality and effectiveness for reaching audiences quickly and efficiently, which suggests that the service performs robustly in real-world usage​.

Additionally, it’s important to note that EZ Texting has a decent customer satisfaction score on platforms like TrustPilot, where it holds a rating of 3.8 out of 5 from 127 reviews. This rating reflects a generally positive perception among users, although there are certainly areas for improvement.

EZ Texting Reviews

Based on these insights, while EZ Texting may not offer the formal guarantees that some businesses might prefer, its practical performance and the satisfaction levels reported by many users indicate that the service is reliable for SMS marketing needs. This could potentially reassure prospective users about the platform’s effectiveness and reliability in their communication strategies.


Support Offered By Ez Texting of SMS Broadcast

EZ Texting’s customer support services are robust and versatile, designed to ensure users can get help whenever they need it. The company offers several convenient ways to connect, including a live online chat, phone support during business hours, and a comprehensive email support system. They also provide an extensive FAQ section and maintain a strong presence on various social media platforms for informal queries and updates.

Further supporting American businesses, EZ Texting is backed by its parent company, CallFire, which enhances its service capability and reliability. With these resources, EZ Texting ensures a responsive and supportive customer service experience, highly rated by users across different platforms.

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Other Features Worth Considering

There are some other additional features that is unique to EZ Texting that are worth mentioning as they can add to business workflows.

AI Compose
This tool is a game-changer for creating mass texts. I just input some basic details—like my name and a couple of keywords—and AI Compose offers up several text options tailored to the tone and style I need. It’s like having a co-writer who understands exactly what I want to say. This makes sending out large-scale messages both quick and stress-free, as I can edit and refine the suggestions before scheduling or sending them instantly.

Text Automation
Automating messages has never been easier. EZ Texting allows me to set up auto-responses, recurring texts, and scheduled texts that make managing communications effortless. Especially for drip campaigns, this means I can keep my audience engaged without constant manual input, saving time and maintaining consistency.

QR Code Generator
Adding QR codes to my campaigns has opened up new ways for interaction. With EZ Texting’s QR Code Generator, I can create codes that link directly to my website and promotional pages, or even initiate a text conversation. It’s a fantastic tool for converting on-the-go interactions into measurable engagements.

Team Inbox
The team inbox feature has been instrumental in coordinating our communication efforts. My team can see all incoming texts in one place, regardless of which number they come from. We can sort, filter, and assign texts to the right team member quickly, ensuring no message goes unanswered. The ability to add notes and use AI to craft replies helps personalize our responses efficiently.

Link Shortener & Tracker
Sharing links via SMS is often tricky due to character limits, but EZ Texting’s link shortener not only helps fit more into each message but also tracks engagement. I can see who clicked on what link, which greatly aids in understanding which parts of my campaigns are most effective.

These tools have each played a pivotal role in refining my approach to SMS marketing, making the process more intuitive and results more impactful.


Conclusion Of The Ez Texting Review

EZ Texting proves to be a formidable choice for SMS marketing, especially for enterprises requiring extensive messaging capabilities, with its diverse range of features and strong customer support. While it excels in providing advanced tools like AI Compose and Text Automation, the absence of formal SLA standards is a consideration for businesses with specific compliance needs. However, the positive user feedback and competitive pricing suggest that EZ Texting offers significant value. For those looking to enhance their marketing strategies, EZ Texting is worth considering for its ability to scale communications effectively.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, businesses should consult directly with EZ Texting’s resources or engage with their trial services to fully gauge the platform’s capabilities and fit for their specific needs.

About Our SMS Reviews

The information found and presented on this SMS marketing review was derived independently using the data found on the SMS providers’ websites and external review websites. It is recommended that a business verifies the information found on this site before engaging with any provider, as the data may be out of date. If any information is incorrect, it is recommended that a business contacts the authors so that the data can be corrected. Businesses can freely use this website, however a commission may be asked by the SMS providers if a business engages with them (at no extra cost).

It is hoped that this SMS marketing comparison is beneficial to American businesses wishing to conduct text message communication.

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