Burst SMS Provider Summary

Burst SMS is a popular USA SMS provider, offering SMS services such as email to SMS with an easy-to-set-up dashboard. The provider offers a pay-as-you-go structure, with cheaper costs per SMS for larger volumes purchased.

💻 Free Trial:Yes
🏢 Head OfficeSydney, Australia
📅 Founded2008
⭐ Reviews: 7.5/10
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:No
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

About Burst SMS Gateway

After analyzing a wide range of SMS gateway providers, Burst SMS was selected due to its ability to run high speed SMS marketing connections to businesses world wide. The American gateway service provider has distributed over 250 million SMS text messages within the 10 years of being established as a reliable mass text message provider. These messages are sent to customers’ mobile phones all over the globe within a matter of minutes. Burst SMS uses an SMS API or an online SMS campaign management system to provide SMS text messaging services to businesses.

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Burst SMS Pricing & Plans

The pricing schedule offered by Burst SMS includes a pre-paid pricing plan. This means that businesses are to pay for the amount of SMS messages they require, according to a number of SMS plans provided. However, like many SMS providers, the higher the volume of SMS messages purchased, the cheaper the cost per SMS. For example, the lower volume text message packages are fairly expensive, starting at $0.049 per text message for around 1,000 SMS messages. Whereas for larger volume packages, SMS messages can cost as low as $0.016 per text message for over 60,000 text messages per month. For large businesses who require more than 60,000 text messages at any one time, there are customized quotes offered. This fee includes a shared short code and 3 keywords. Thus, Burst SMS is great as it offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit any sized business and any marketing campaign.

The main advantage that Burst SMS has over the other major US SMS gateway providers is that there are no monthly fees or set up fees. They also offer a free trial for business to try out their services before purchasing a large amount of text messages. However, if a business wishes to obtain a dedicated virtual number, a monthly fee will be incurred.

Burst SMS also offers a Reseller program with no set up fees. This is highly effective for any business which wishes to resell the SMS credits purchased. For more information on the Reseller program or any of the other plans mentioned, please visit their website below.

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Based on our Burst SMS review, in comparison to the other leading SMS providers available in America, the mass text message company offers a great range of pre-paid pricing plans, which get more affordable per text message as pricing plans increase.

Burst SMS Gateway Features

Burst SMS has a high performance gateway with access to the major USA telecommunication carriers including Verizon, T Mobile, and Sprint. These are all highly reliable carriers and accessible through the Burst SMS network system, enabling businesses to send mass text messages in short time frames. This is supported by the gateway provider’s load balancing queue prioritisation that will ensure fast delivery of text messages to audiences’ mobile phones.

Additionally, BurstSMS has a feature which provides detailed delivery reports on all its accounts. This enables businesses to review text message delivery confirmations to their contact lists and bounce rates in real time.

Moreover, an important feature is the Burst SMS API. This is designed to integrate into any communication platform, meaning that developers can send and receive text messages from existing applications with ease. These API servers are not shared with other SMS gateways, resulting in text messages being sent and received efficiently, and reliably. Thus, clients can set up their own contact lists, keywords, and schedule messages, as well as sign up to a call back system to receive inbound text messages.

Burst SMS offers SMS marketing, email to SMS, two-way SMS, and an online Web SMS platform, making it a stand out provider amongst gateway providers in the US. Based on our leading text message comparison, Burst SMS offers a sufficient range of SMS features which will aid American businesses in conducting text message marketing campaigns and more.

Burst SMS Gateway Features

Burst SMS Customer Support Services

The Burst SMS website provides optimal opportunities to be transparent and engage with potential and existing clients. The SMS provider has a customer Help Desk, phone number, online chat bot, Skype contact, Facebook, and even a ticket submission form for online enquiries.

In addition, Burst SMS offers a 14 day free trial. This is a feature that a number of SMS gateway providers do not offer, which is a great advantage of Burst SMS. This will enable American businesses to have a full trial period of their SMS services, and decide whether the SMS provider is right for their marketing and communication needs.

Initial and ongoing customer support is pivotal for any business wishing to engage in SMS marketing. As an SMS API and SMS gateway can be complicated in nature, SMS providers should be available 24/7 to ensure that the entire process from start is finish is easy, quick, and reliable. With SMS services provided by companies such as BurstSMS, businesses can be confident that their requirements will be met, and their questions will be answered at any time.

Businesses are also able to connect with the provider and other businesses through social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This means they are able to form connected and be a part of the SMS community.

Burst SMS Gateway Service Reliability

This extensive text message comparison site measures SMS reliability through the uptime SLA guarantee SLA suggested by the SMS provider.

With its high performance gateway and sophisticated text message software, Burst SMS claims a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. Additionally they have a 100% money back guarantee for their SMS delivery. Thus, with over 250 million text messages sent world wide, businesses can be assured that their mass text messages will be delivered. This is an extremely high level of reliability when compared to other text message companies.

Burst Text Message Key Strengths

Burst SMS also promises that text messages are ant-SPAM compliant. This ensures that security and privacy are important to the gateway provider. Their anti-SPAM and privacy policy are listed clearly on their website. As a standard feature, Burst SMS has a list cleaning service which will clean an SMS contact list and can reformat numbers when they are in different styles. The fact that the provider also offers delivery reports ensures to the business that their text messages are delivered successfully and on time.

Dedicated virtual numbers (e.g. short code) is provided by Burst SMS, meaning that businesses can send text messages from an exclusive phone number. This is important for audiences in marketing campaigns so they can recognise the business number and the business can receive valuable feedback.

Furthermore, based on a extensive number of SMS reviews by customers, BurstSMS is rated an average of 4 out of 5, which is extremely high for a globally renowned provider.

Ultimately, with the SMS services provided by Burst SMS, businesses are able to form long lasting relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders, through the use of two-way text message communications.

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About This SMS Gateway Comparison Site

The authors of this site have worked with the leading USA gateway providers including Nexmo as well as other International mass text message providers and have a mission to provide an understanding of the major SMS gateway providers for American businesses. This SMS analysis and comparison table sought to compare text message marketing providers based on SMS pricing, features, customer service, security, and overall reliability.

The comparison was formulated independently from the major providers, sourcing the information from their websites into an easy to understand table. Please contact the authors immediately if you find any out-dated information.

This comparison table and website is free of charge for businesses to browse and use at their discretion, however if a business decides to engage with the SMS providers through the comparison table, the authors may request a commission (for no extra charge to the business).

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