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Choosing the right Message Media plan for your business can be a challenge, especially if you‘re unfamiliar with the pricing options. To make it easier, this article will explore the various plans and help you decide which one is best for your needs. From basic packages to more comprehensive solutions, Message Media offers a range of plans to suit businesses of all sizes. We‘ll provide an overview of each plan and explain how they differ in terms of features, cost, and scalability so that you can choose the perfect solution for your unique communication needs.

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Message Media SMS Gateway Overview

Message Media’s SMS Gateway is an advanced platform that enables users to send, receive and track their text messages. It provides businesses with a reliable, secure and user-friendly way of managing their messaging campaigns. Here is a quick overview of the features:

• Easy Integration: Message Media’s API quickly integrates with existing systems for immediate message sending.

• Robust Platform: Message Media’s platform ensures reliable and scalable messaging for high-volume needs, supporting multiple protocols for maximum compatibility.

• Advanced Reporting & Tracking: Real-time detailed reports on a delivery, engagement rates, and other important metrics accessible from anywhere.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive web interface enables quick campaign setup without coding skills and simplifies setting up complex automated response rules.

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Message Media Pricing: How to Choose the Right Plan for Your Business

Message Media offers several pricing plans to choose from, depending on your business needs. Here are the different pricing plans offered by Message Media:


For businesses looking for a more flexible payment plan, the Pay-As-You-Go plan is an ideal option. With this plan, you only pay for the messages you send, and there are no monthly fees or long-term contracts involved. This type of payment structure is perfect for companies with seasonal messaging needs or those who send fewer messages throughout the year. Not only does it allow businesses to tailor their spending to fit their budget but also gives them peace of mind knowing that they won’t be locked into any kind of agreement.

Price: Pay for each message sent, with no monthly fees or contracts.

Basics Plan

Costs $39/month and includes:

  • 500 SMS messages per month
  • 5000+ integrations
  • 1 user

This plan is ideal for businesses that need a basic messaging platform to get started.

Conversations Plan

Costs $99/month and includes:

  • 1400 SMS messages per month
  • Shared team inbox
  • 5 users

This plan is great for businesses that need to have multi-channel conversations with their customers and want to collaborate with their team.

Pro Plan (Most Popular)

Costs $249/month and includes:

  • 3700 SMS messages per month
  • Unlimited automations
  • Unlimited users

This plan is ideal for businesses that want to create a better customer experience by using automation tools and need a higher messaging volume.

Pro Plus Plan

Costs $399/month and includes:

  • 6600 SMS messages per month
  • Lower rates
  • Unlimited users

This plan is great for businesses that want to connect with more customers on a regular basis and lock in lower rates.

Advanced Plan

Costs $699/month and includes:

  • 12,100 SMS messages per month
  • High volume messaging
  • Unlimited users

This plan is ideal for businesses with a larger customer base that require a robust messaging platform with high messaging volume.

Message Media SMS Gateway Reputation

MessageMedia has developed the an SMS software system that is suitable for speed and scale of mass text messaging with the ability to send up to 800 text messages per second. With high throughput capability, the Message Media SMS gateway can handle extreme volumes of messages, whether it be in the thousands of SMS messages a month, to the support throughput of 9 million text messages in a day.

One of the most attractive features of Message Media SMS Gateway is its latency time. For full delivery time, including processing by the other partners in the network and the operator, Message Media’s SMS gateway is able to provide a 97% delivery under two seconds and 99% delivery under ten seconds.

Its guaranteed SMS service uses the highest-quality gateway connections to deliver messages promptly. Every message is fully backed by a 100% uptime guarantee.

MessageMedia SMS features

Message Media is an onshore American gateway provider, which assures a high level of privacy, security, and efficiency. All gateways are directly monitored and managed by Message Media alert systems and personnel. Additionally, all carrier networks are continuously monitored, with automatic alternate routing in the event of a carrier network outage or failure.

Suitability Of Message Media For Large American Businesses

Major businesses in the USA will often utilize mass text messaging to distribute large volumes of SMS messages on a monthly basis. Therefore, in order to meet their SMS marketing requirements, businesses require a reliable, safe and efficient SMS gateway provider. MessageMedia has been built for business with the emphasis on security and timeliness as their priority. It provides global coverage with its developed Message Media API capacity system.

Being a web-based application means that there is no additional software requirements that can crash or slow down a business’s computer. The sophisticated app provided by MessageMedia will save mobile phone contacts and set up groups to manage contacts and send text messages within a short time-frame and at scheduled times. All their SMS gateways are directly monitored and managed by their systems and personnel.

The MessageMedia SMS gateway delivers across multiple channels, allowing it to provide guaranteed availability, ensuring:

  • In the event a text messaging gateway goes down, outbound messaging is automatically re-directed to another available gateway
  • Mobile support
  • End-to-end service delivery is monitored via an independent server

Due to the fact that the mass text message provider offers SMS services all year round for businesses, large enterprises and government bodies, it has an American support centre that is available on a 24/7 basis. The SMS provider’s guaranteed SMS service uses the highest quality gateway connections to deliver messages immediately. Each text message is fully backed with a 100% up-time guarantee.

MessageMedia SMS Gateway Companies

Moreover, Message Media offers no additional monthly fee charge, unlimited credit availability, and organizations are provided with a dedicated account manager.

From our SMS gateway review, it indicates that Message Media is most capable of servicing the needs of large American businesses, enterprises, and government organizations due to its monthly pricing plans and high speed gateway networks.

Message Media SMS Gateway For SMEs?

Based on our comparison of the best mass text message providers in America, Message Media caters well for small to medium sized companies who require a reliable and efficient text message gateway system that is easy to operate. The MessageMedia SMS gateway has numerous SMEs on its client list, as they offer a manageable platform, customer service contact number, and live chat to ensure all possible options are available. Some of the additional SMS features and services available to SMEs include:

  • All telecommunication carrier networks are monitored with automatic alternate routing
  • Text to voice applications
  • No monthly fees with unlimited credit availability
  • Dedicated numbers (including short codes and long numbers) and live chat availability
  • SMS delivery reports and Message Media alerts for ongoing analysis
  • 24/7 customer support service number – 1-866-751-8337

The MessageMedia platform allows for two-way communication, where an address book can be uploaded and personalised messages delivered to targeted mobile phones with usage receipts available. This enables businesses of any size to send thousands of text messages world wide. The opportunity to use their services can be initially conducted through their free trial offer, which is a big advantage for SMEs are unsure about the volume of messages required.

For small to medium sized enterprises, their text message will always be transparent and easy to access, whether it is for marketing and promotions, appointment reminders, authentication requests or customer notifications. The SMS charges vary according to the volume of text messages distributed on a monthly basis. Therefore, Message Media is able to cater for small to medium sized American businesses, whatever their SMS marketing requirements may be.

What Customer Support Level Is Offered?

Reliability & Compliance Of Message Media

In terms of reliability, Message Media SMS gateway is rated very highly. The mass text message company claims a 100% gateway uptime guarantee with a zero tolerance for text message gateway outages. This is unlike many other SMS gateway providers, who do not make these promises. Additionally, MessageMedia state 100% Network Redundancy which means that their a multiple gateway network is supported by a sophisticated monitoring system. This enables the re-routing of SMS messages if any given route is compromised.

Furthermore, MessageMedia offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if one believes their SMS service has failed an American business in any way, and the provider will attempt to fix any potential issues that may arise. Thus, if a business is unhappy with the SMS services provided by Message Media, they will receive a full refund. This highlights reassurance for the provider’s SMS gateway features.

With over 18,000 customers sending millions of messages around the globe, MessageMedia is a leading provider of a reliable SMS service for businesses whether large, medium or small. They have been delivering business text messaging services to customers for more than a decade.

Being one of USA’s largest SMS gateway providers, MessageMedia meets the compliance standards set for text message marketing within America. This includes complying to the CAN-SPAM Act.

Message Media Customer Reviews & Reputation

When comparing the differences between Message Media and other SMS gateway providers, Message Media offers a live chat option, and the ability to provide feedback online. This differs from many other mass text message companies. There is a reviews and testimonials page from customers, as well as case studies from large businesses who have used Message Media’s services. Thus, the SMS company is extremely transparent when it comes to customer reviews and comments.

Overall, the reputation of the global SMS provider can be seen via the Message Media reviews made by a number of their large corporate companies over time. Clients appeared to be pleased with their gateway features and service they have to offer.

From the independent research that was carried out, it was evident that both the reputation and reviews are rated very highly.


About This USA SMS Gateway Comparison Site

The mass text message gateway review analyzed and compared a number of services, features and products offered by leading SMS providers using a list of key selection criteria. The authors of this site have conducted this independent review to provide all the key information that businesses in America need to know before engaging with a mass text message provider for their SMS marketing requirements.

Our MessageMedia reviews and comparisons should be used as a guide, as features and services may be changed by the provider without notice.

The information is available free of charge, however if a business clicks and engages with a provider, then a commission maybe asked by the authors (at no extra charge to the business involved). The hope that the data and analysis provided will help American businesses to make the right decision and can utilize this successful form of communication to better their business.


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