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SlickText is a highly customizable SMS platform, providing a great range SMS messaging features for businesses of any size, with the ability to scale to large enterprises. The provider offers online services to assist businesses in various industries.

💻 Free Trial:Yes
🏢 Head OfficeNew York, USA
📅 Founded2012
⭐ Reviews: 7/10
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:No
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

SlickText Review  

SlickText is one of America’s best mass text messaging services, offering a range of SMS marketing features for businesses of any size, but particularly catered towards smaller businesses who wish to begin their mass text message journey.

The SMS provider is highly respected amongst the text message industry for their ease of use, and wide range of helpful tools to get businesses started. SlickText has a global API platform that is able to be easily integrated with a business’s existing software, enabling them to use SlickText’s platform on multiple devices.

Overall, the company is famous for their SMS automation services, message scheduling, MMS marketing, and much more. With the help of SlickText, American businesses are able to send text messages to hundreds, if not thousands of mobile phone simultaneously.

Discover more about our SlickText review when compared with other leading SMS gateway providers.

SlickText Platform

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SlickText SMS Features

SlickText has an amazing range of SMS features that are easy to administer so any business with any industry background is able to send mass text messages to their target audiences.

Some of the core SMS features offered by SlickText includes:

  • Text to join (short code)
  • Text message scheduling
  • Auto-replies (or auto-responders and repeat messages)
  • MMS messaging (video and photo)
  • Two-way text messaging
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email integration
  • Analytics and tracking reports
  • Personalization

Thus, with such a range of SMS features, SlickText enables businesses to integrate their marketing communications with mass text messaging for a fully immersed campaign.

Businesses can either coordinate SlickText’s platform through the web, or use their free fully featured mobile app to manage their campaigns anywhere, anytime.

All businesses need to do to get started is to integrate the software with their existing systems, then provide a contact list of mobile phone numbers (which can be cleaned up by the provider), then choose the type of messaging required. Users also have the ability to segment their phone numbers into different groups for different campaign targeting.

SlickText Features

Therefore, when compared with other leading SMS providers, Slicktext fairs very well with providing simple, and logical SMS features.

SlickText SMS Pricing Plans

In terms of pricing, SlickText offers 9 different monthly plans, all varying in their price and the amount of text message credits received for each month.

The most basic plan starts at $29 per month, and offers businesses 500 SMS text messages, 2 text words, unlimited contacts, and more. The most expensive plan costs $1,250 per month and provides 50,000 texts with 30 text words, picture messaging, and a 1 on 1 training session.

Thus, businesses should firstly determine how much messages they require each month, and the level of service and support needed to administer their SMS marketing campaigns.

The great thing about SlickText, is that if the credits for each month do not get used, they rollover onto the following month, with no extra charges. The SMS provider also offers a free plan for businesses to get started on their mass text message journey. The plan is $0 and offers businesses 50 free text messages, 1 text word for a month to get themselves started.

To view all the details on SlickText’s pricing plans, view their website below.


Visit Website >>


When comparing SlickText’s pricing to other mass text message providers, they rate fairly averagely. Other providers offer more value through price match guarantees and pay-as-you-go pricing structures, rather than getting locked in to a monthly subscription. However, for the amount of features and support a business receives, this can be seen as highly valuable.

SMS Reliability & Compliance Of SlickText

Reliability is measured by the service level agreement offered by the SMS provider. In their terms of use, SlickText highlights a 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee, as this provider may look to third party providers if their services fail. This means that businesses can be reassured that their text messages will be send and delivered successfully.

SlickText holds a high important on compliance, with a compliance guide featured heavily on their website. This ensures that no rules and regulations are broken within the SMS marketing industry, and that all customers and business’s data is secure. They are able to provide best practice SMS marketing behaviors to ensure that privacy is not breached.

SlickText Reputation & Customer Support

SlickText has a great reputation amongst American businesses due to the ease of use. The company has a large customer base world wide, working with leading corporations such as ESPN, FedEx, Universal Studios, and more. Many examples of their use bases can be found on their website, with a range of testimonials from happy customers from a range of industry backgrounds. This ensures that all types of businesses are in safe and capable hands when they use SlickText’s SMS services.

SlickText Customers

SlickText is also well known for the level of customer support they provide to prospective and existing clients. They offer a range of resources on their website with key information to get businesses started. They also provide a range of ways they can be contacted, including an online form, contact phone number, live chat, and email address. SlickText has a help center with an FAQ section as well as links to social media.


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