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Contacting SMS

Please note, SMS Comparison is a text message comparison site made by Americans who are not employed within the SMS industry. The comparisons that exist across the site from SMS Gateway, Bulk SMS to Business SMS are created based on information that exists on the providers site or reliable third-party sources. Automation is not used in creating or updating the information shown on the tables and write-ups. Therefore, information can become out-of-date when a provider changes their prices or terms and conditions without notification.

Data Viewable On SMS Comparison

If you see information that may need to be updated, please use the contact us form shown above. Our goal is to provide American businesses with an accurate source of information when comparing text message providers and information is updated when new information becomes available. If you have specific questions about an SMS service provider from pricing to features we recommend you contact the provider directly. This is especially true with enterprise (high-end) pricing with providers often negotiating better prices than those displayed online after negotiations.

Independence From Other Comparison Sites

In 2016 it came to the authors attention that other SMS comparison sites have appeared. We would like to bring attention that these sites are owner by individual SMS providers so caution should be taken when following the guidance provided. It should also be noted that many brands within the American text message companies have the same parent company. This allows these parent companies to have ‘low cost’, ‘premium’ and ‘differentiated’ brands to target different segments. What it can also mean is that businesses may be paying a premium for essentially the same service and another sister brand. Ownership of these companies is therefore an important part of making the decision of which SMS provider best suits your companies needs.

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