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Vonage Communications is a highly regarded SMS provider, offer a range of seamless communication services with direct communication with tier 1 telecommunication carriers in the USA around the globe. Businesses can build chat applications and much more using their SMS services.

💻 Free Trial:Yes
🏢 Head OfficeSan Fransisco, USA
📅 Founded2010
⭐ Reviews: 7/10
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:No
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

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What Is Vonage SMS?

Vonage Communications (formerly known as Nexmo) was selected as an appropriate SMS gateway provider for USA businesses due to its local and international network, high deliverability, and success rates within the mass text message service industry. Vonage SMS has the capability and scalability of increasing the volume of your messaging APIs and extends to a global reach.

Nexmo SMS Gateway Clients

View our full Vonage SMS review focusing on features, price, reliability, customer service compared to other leading SMS Gateway providers or explore their website below.

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Vonage SMS Gateway Prices

The pricing provided by Vonage depends on the type of service, whether it is mass text messaging, voice messaging applications, verify, virtual number or phone number. The details of each of these charges can be viewed on their website. Sending text messages will cost $0.0075 per SMS, whilst receiving text messages from numbers in the United States will cost an additional $0.0069. This differs from some SMS providers who do not charge to receive text messages.

The messaging voice service enables businesses make a call to a mobile number in USA, which is around 7 cents per minute, and to receive a call from any number in USA is around 4 cents a minute. Toll free calls are more expensive.

One can rent a virtual phone number for SMS and Voice and that will cost around $4.18 each month of use.

On Vonage website, there appears to be no detail on contractual arrangement or set up fee or monthly fee. However, it does state that the client is only charged for what is used with no long-term contracts.

An advantage of Vonage is that businesses are able to conduct a free trial of their SMS services before engaging with the provider.


Vonage Communication API Features

Based on our Vonage review at SMS Comparison USA, the SMS gateway provider’s infrastructure platform is designed to offer a consistent response time which means that the client needs to pay only for what they use. Vonage’s Conversion API can measure success rate using real-time, confirmed conversion data. This data collected assists them in maintaining the high delivery rates for efficient process to take place. There is no requirement to change any of the client’s IT configurations.

Vonage has a direct relationship with multiple Tier 1 telecommunication carriers around the world and has integrated the technology with their own API system. Therefore, they are always comply with industry standards and offer a faster, secure connection. Such American mobile communication providers includes T-Mobile and Sprint.

Vonage has adaptive routing which provides an optimal path delivery so that American businesses do not need to wait for results. However, when a mobile telecommunication carrier experiences significant traffic, there may be queues. Therefore, Vonage has a patented algorithm which reduces these problems by selecting the fastest and most secure alternative carrier route.

Other significant features include a powerful Vonage voice API, enabling businesses to build chat apps that scale with the web technologies that businesses already use. There is a set of call control features which allows for complex voice use. Vonage is able to record and store inbound and outbound calls, with a text to speech engine in over 24 languages. For security and privacy reasons, customers’ identities are protected by masking their numbers with a voice proxy solution.

Overall, Vonage offers an SMS communication platform with the functionality for small businesses, large enterprises, and startups in any industry to conduct meaningful communication strategies with their customers. Vonage Communication APIs enable any corporation to meet their business needs through a web-based and mobile app (for both Android and iOS devices), which means businesses can conduct their SMS campaigns from anywhere with internet connection. This is highly beneficial for industries such as health care or retail which have a business phone, with Vonage also offering toll-free numbers. The Vonage app includes SMS features such as:

  • SMS automation for ease of use
  • Programmable SMS messages
  • Real-time delivery reporting
  • Integration with CRM platforms (e.g. Salesforce Commerce Cloud), social media (e.g. Facebook) and other platforms (e.g. Microsoft teams)
  • Timely notifications for delivery and appointment reminders (SMS and voicemail)
  • Ability for customers to confirm or schedule through SMS, MMS, social chat or voice (for phone lines)
  • Two-factor authentication

Vonage also offers VoIP services. VoIP providers offer a phone service for unlimited calling (including video calls/video conferencing, conference calls and voice calls) through internet connection. With Vonage communications, businesses can conduct phone calls with high voice quality, with the option of call recording and transcription to convert to text message.

Nexmo Gateway SMS Feature Review

What Customer Support Service Does Vonage Provide?

This Vonage review found that the SMS gateway provider offers a range of customer support services, rated as standard support and premium support. Standard support is free of charge and offered during business hours with assistance provided between two to four hours of the request, dependent on the day of the week and the seriousness of the service disruption. There is usually a 6 hour wait for their contact center for minor or scheduled problems. Alternatively, the premium support is around $5000 per month and is available on a 24/7 basis with minimal wait time. This ensures that Vonage can provide the ultimate customer experience for troubleshooting problems and ongoing tech support.

There is an availability of responses through email and an online Q&A, as well as service status notification for standard support and full contact status for premium support.

Vonage support team claims that they have more SMS, voice and toll-free phone numbers in more destinations than any other providers.

Additionally, the mass text message provider offers a free trial with a small welcome credit and no credit card required. It’s just a matter of using the API credentials and start testing to build a cloud communication solution.

Reliability Of Vonage As An SMS Gateway Provider

Vonage business communications has a flexible platform that is able to cater for millions of voice API calls without having to change a business’s infrastructure. Vonage’s data platform infrastructure boasts a reliability uptime of 99.99%. Interestingly, there is the transparency of seeing the daily uptime on api.nexmo.com which is impressive and not seen in any other comparable gateway provider sites.

Vonage has built its own direct to carrier network with heightened security, therefore avoiding mass text messages travelling through multiple systems before reaching the customer’s mobile phone. It manages all the regulatory requirements around the globe, so there is no time spent on programming enforcing them for each country.

The SMS gateway provider enables businesses to send up to 2.5 million text messages each day, which is like sending 30 SMS in a second, with virtually no upper limit. They provide detailed reporting about delivery so that the quality and performance of the distribution can be assessed. If a text message is not delivered, Vonage will provide the client with a breakdown of the reason for why it was not distributed.

Nexmo Text Message Gateway Statistics

Our Vonage SMS review found that the reliability of the provider’s gateway service holds a service level agreement that offers a guarantee of 99.95% uptime, which indicates their reliability in dissemination text messages is efficient and effective. If a server goes down or another problem occurs, this provider assures that businesses will receive an alert and will action the problem immediately.


About This Text Message Gateway Comparison Table & Site

This gateway comparison table and website were developed to assist American businesses with selecting appropriately the best suited provider for their needs.

This table was initiated and formulated as a result of the authors working in the SMS field and realising the demand from businesses to have adequate understanding of the features and services offered by different mass text message providers is highly necessary.

The authors no longer work in the SMS field, therefore are able to provide an unbiased, independent review of SMS gateway providers. There are no advertisement or promotions of any kind on the table or site.

If your review leads to the engagement of one of the SMS gateway providers outlined on the table and sites, then the authors will ask the provider for a commission. If there are any inaccuracies in the content, please contact the authors using the contact form and changes will be made immediately.

The authors hope this comparison site and information provided will benefit you and your business is choosing the right SMS gateway provider for your needs.


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