TrueDialog Summary

TrueDialog is a cloud-based SMS Gateway Provider and API Platform designed for both enterprise-sized and small US businesses. Through their unique platform TrueDialog enable US businesses to engage with customers through both mass text messaging as well as two-way SMS. They are known for their low-price API solutions, custom features for the education sector, and integration capabilities with CRM systems such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.

💻 Free Trial:Yes
🏢 Head OfficeAustin, Texas
📅 Founded2008
⭐ Reviews: 4.8/5 – 15 Reviews
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:Yes
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

TrueDialog Pricing 

Our review of TrueDialog highlights how they are a leader in the vertical in terms of high volume pricing and API solution pricing, which definitely offers opportunities for savings compared to other USA SMS gateway competitors with similar services. US pricing for TrueDialog’s full SMS Business Platform is shown in the screenshots below:

Once the cost per SMS is calculated against the monthly subscription cost, it comes out to roughly:

SMS CreditsTrueDialog
1 – 10,000$0.0198
10,001 – 25,000$0.0150
25,001 – 50,000$0.0150
50,000 – 200,000$0.0119


Thanks to their enterprise volume pricing, TrueDialog is able to stay extremely competitive offering 50% savings compared to the competition on their Full SMS Business platform.

Businesses and developers looking for a low cost API platform need not look further either, with TrueDialog being almost unbeatable on API pricing.

Long Code SMS API Pricing:

Short Code SMS API Pricing:


The table below highlights how TrueDialog is extremely competitive in the USA, offering savings between 3% to 50% compared to the competition.

Businesses who subscribe to the Full SMS Business Platform enjoy no set-up fees, unlimited contacts, and much more. Payment is done ahead of time with a pre-pay payment mode, there is also a pay-as-you-go option, so no lock-in contracts.

If a business opts for an API Platform only solution, they may be subject for a long code registration fee 0f $44, which is inline with other providers.

Another benefit of TrueDialog is their stellar customer service, especially evident when purchasing the Business Pro plan ($375/month) or above, as you then get assigned a Dedicated Account Representative.

SMS Comparison Pricing
1.98 1.47 1.19 0.99
2.42 1.73 0.87 0.87
3.65 3.35 3.21 3.21
0.79 0.79 0.79 0.79
0.69 0.69 0.69 0.69
2.70 1.10 1.10 1.10
3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90
1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20
1.90 1.50 1.00 1.00
0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
4.75 2.20 2.10 1.70
5.00 3.10 3.10 3.10
6.00 3.95 3.86 3.86
7.40 1.99 1.99 1.99
4.90 3.00 1.70 1.40

Current is in $$$

As even the most basic TrueDialog plan and API platform both come pre-loaded with a myriad of helpful features out of the box, we find their pricing to be very good value compared to other players in the space.

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Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

Value For Money
9 / 10
9 / 10
8 / 10
7 / 10
8 / 10
Customer Service
7 / 10

SMS API Features 

As shown in our Best SMS API Comparison Table, TrueDialog offers a diverse range and unique range of SMS API features beyond basic Mass SMS services and API integrations. TrueDialog’s features are perfect for both enterprise businesses as well as smaller businesses.

Another sector that can benefit from TrueDialog is the educational sector, where institutions can track, manage multiple conversations, and enroll students via SMS.

TrueDialog allows businesses to send auto-reminders and mass alerts e.g for emergency situations as well as live updates. Their scheduling engine, which allows users to share campaigns at custom time intervals gives businesses flexibility while driving high customer engagement. Businesses can communicate with customer segments via both iOS and Android device mobile apps, which further integrate with a number of CRM systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Eloqua
  • Social Messaging Apps
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Five9
  • Hubspot


Additionally, TrueDialog offers a range of SMS API features out of the box, perfect for Developers to get going without less coding. SMS API Features include:

Software & Deliverability

TrueDialog’s SMS API comes with full documentation and is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, making it highly secure and reliable. TrueDialog has also invested in direct carrier connections that eliminate middlemen to provide customers with improved deliverability and significantly lower prices compared to competitors.

Efficient SMS API

TrueDialog’s unique campaign endpoints allow a business to send millions of messages with a single API call if needed. Competitors often require one API call for each message sent, causing stress on your bandwidth. TrueDialog offers faster, cheaper, and safer deliverability.

Dual Opt-Out Database

TrueDialog has duplicate Opt-Out information in their ISO 9001 cloud database for extra protection against accidental texting of an opted-out contact, perfect for any business that is serious about compliance.

The ‘TrueDialog’ Feature

TrueDialog offers a unique pre-built two-way text dialog capability that creates seamless conversations at scale without the need to build and link conversations using old “2-way” technology. TrueDialog offers scalable multi-user two-way texting as a pre-built feature out of the box.

Drill Down Reports

TrueDialog offers prebuilt reporting or capabilities to build one’s own custom reports with their custom report endpoints, allowing businesses to track the metrics, response rates, and analytics that matter.

Below are more examples of features that come included with a Full Plan:

Reliability & 24/7 Customer Support

TrueDialog is an SMS Gateway and API provider with their head office in Austin, Texas.

TrueDialog understands that to offer a reliable solution, they also need to offer the highest level of customer support. Thanks to their Strong Presence in the USA they can offer in person (at their Austin office) or telephone support during business hours. Business Pro and above subscribers also get assigned a dedicated account representative to help with any issues.

A big plus for TrueDialog is their reliability. With a 99.9% up-time service level guarantee, they are one of the few US SMS providers that are truly reliable. Any small, large, or enterprise American business can confidently trust TrueDialog to utilize their unique web-based SMS Business Features and API feeds to send mass text messages to target audiences with two-way communication capabilities.

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Reputation, Clients & Customer Reviews

TrueDialog prides themselves on being a transparent and supportive SMS API provider, they offer assistance in person, over email, and on the phone for businesses of all sizes. A wide range of Documentation, Whitepapers, and Blog articles are available to back up the technology behind their service.

While still a ‘smaller’ provider, TrueDialog is still associated with a number of renowned enterprise business customers such as the Iowa State, Clorox, Micro Center, Equity Residential and Hilton, TrueDialog’s reputation grows bigger and bigger by the day.

It is no doubt that TrueDialog’s wide range of features, low prices, and growing reputation in the United States makes them a force to be reckoned with as one of the USA’s most reliable and trustworthy SMS Providers.

While being an Expert in their field, TrueDialog is still fairly small, meaning that they have not yet had time to rack up a wide range of reviews. However, they sit solidely at a 4.8 out of 5 stars from the 15+ Business reviews they have received to date.


Overall Rating

Bulk SMS or SMS API with TrueDialog uses its online SMS Gateway application that combines mass text messaging with two-way SMS communication to make it easy to reach contacts in target segments while also creating create high customer engagement. Overall, our review of TrueDialog leaves us with much to love in terms of price and features.

At SMS Comparison USA, our TrueDialog review finds that this provider offers US businesses cost-efficient pricing, loads of features, great customer support, and SMS API integration services beyond that of many competitors.


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Who Are TrueDialog?

TrueDialog is a US SMS Business and SMS API provider with services including:

  • Mass Text Messaging
  • Two-way SMS
  • SMS Marketing and Education Sector Features
  • Fully integrable SMS API with Documentation

TrueDialog’s unique SMS gateway and SMS API lets them offer a range of useful SMS messaging features through any web-enabled device. Thanks to their mobile applications, documentation, and customer support, seamless integration is easy to set up. TrueDialog’s enterprise-grade software and deliverability use direct carrier connections and Microsoft Azure to guarantee a 99.9% uptime as well as a promise to lower the strain on your bandwidth through efficient SMS API that can send millions of messages with one single call.

With TrueDialog’s SMS services, businesses can easily download the TrueDialog App, which is avaliable on both iOS and on Android, and send mass text messages with two-way communication capabilities with easy, at anytime, anywhere.

About SMS Gateway and SMS API

An SMS Gateway is an online system that lets a business distribute mass SMS text messages from a web browser or device directly to the phone of their target audiences. This is made doubly easy with the use of SMS API, which is the ability to integrate SMS Marketing across CRM channels to deliver communication at scale. Different from other forms of marketing, SMS has a 95%+ open rate, which outperforms marketing communication such as email, social media, and other traditional forms of digital marketing. SMS Marketing breaks through the highly cluttered environment always targeting customers to serve information directly.

Read more on the benefits of SMS marketing, SMS API, and TrueDialog SMS Provider Alternatives online today.

SMS Gateway and SMS API enables reliable communication capabilities for businesses looking for:

  • The ability to send timely mass text messages at scale
  • Alerts or reminders
  • Ability to integrate with CRM Services to easily run API calls.
  • One-on-one messaging
  • Two-way communication
  • SMS marketing notifications (e.g. upcoming offers)


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