YepText Provider Summary

YepText is a smaller SMS provider, catering to local businesses based in the USA with basic SMS features, specifically targeted for those beginning their SMS marketing journey. YepText offers online tutorials with SMS prices starting from $9 per month.

💻 Free Trial:No
🏢 Head OfficeNew York, USA
📅 Founded2011
⭐ Reviews: 6/10
↔ Two Way SMS: Yes
💰 Price Guarantee:No
📊 SMS Reporting:Yes

YepText For SMS Marketing Communication

With a highly competitive marketing environment, it’s essential that American business, whether small, medium, or large, utilize SMS marketing as a form of communication to target consumers. SMS gateway providers such as YepText enable businesses to integrate their current campaigns with SMS marketing to meet the needs of their consumers.

YepText has a mission to provide simple, quick, and reliable text message services to any business in America, with no lock in contracts or set up fees, and a range of SMS features to help businesses stay connected with their customers, employees, stakeholders, and friends.

The SMS provider welcomes any business to utilize their messaging service for any purpose, whether this be for events and parties, schools and organizations, or for a single person wishing to send large volumes of text messages at any given time.

This SMS Marketing Comparison Table and website compares the features of YepText to other SMS Marketing providers.

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YepText SMS Features

YepText offers a range of SMS marketing features that enable small to medium business (SMEs) send mass text messages on a frequent basis, to numerous contact lists at any given time.

On the YepText website, the SMS gateway provider prides themselves on various SMS features including:

  • Accessibility to short codes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile application for on-the-go text messaging
  • Charts and delivery reports
  • Organization of phone numbers into contact lists
  • Ability to own “Yepwords” which can be changed at any time
  • Mobile surveys and polls
  • MMS messaging (photos and videos)

Along with this great range of features, the provider offers the ability to analyze text messaging campaigns through delivery reports, charts, and tracking through advanced analytics. This enables businesses to measure the success of their SMS marketing campaigns.

Thus, whilst not as advanced as some SMS gateway providers, who also offer more precise scheduling capabilities like drip campaigns, YepText provides the basic needs to run a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Pricing Plans Offered By YepText

In terms of pricing, YepText sits moderately, offering a range of SMS pricing plans. The great thing about YepText, is that they offer plans suited to businesses which are owned even by a single individual and therefore do not require a large amount of credits.

Thus, with their SMS plans starting at $9 per month for 150 SMS credits, to $79 per month for 2,000 SMS credits, it is clear that the mass SMS messaging provider is catered towards smaller businesses who wish to get a good deal on a monthly SMS plan.

To learn more about YepText’s pricing, visit their website below.

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Most plans come with 1 “Yepword” which is like a short code used for customers to text to a number to opt-in to a a business’s SMS campaign. However, if businesses require more than one “Yepword” they are able to purchase more for $8 per word.

YepText Reliability & Security

The reliability of an SMS gateway company is extremely important when it comes to sending mass text messages to customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Reliability ensures that SMS messages are delivered to the end-user’s mobile phone successfully, and on time. This can be measured by the level of uptime guarantee provided by the SMS company. According to the YepText website, the SMS provider’s text messaging platform is 99.99%, however they do claim that they may use external supplies if necessary in order to successfully deliver SMS messages to mobile devices.

YepText also supports all major American telecommunication providers, meaning they are able to successfully transmit messages within US shores. The mobile carriers include T-Mobile, AT&T, Nextel, Verizon, and more.

YepText USA Mobile Carriers

In terms of security, the SMS provider explicitly states within their privacy policy that they have safeguards to protect the privacy of their customers and that they will not share data with unaffiliated third party companies.

YepText Customer Support Services & Help

YepText prides themselves on assisting small businesses within any industry to get started on their SMS marketing journey. The SMS gateway provider offers help every step of the way, through an online form, phone number, and email address for support. However, the time at which YepText’s team will respond is not specified.

In addition to this, the provider has created an online video classroom to assist new and existing customers in using their various services such as their mobile application and mobile website. This will help users navigate through their features and successfully run their SMS campaigns.


This SMS gateway comparison site was developed and finalised by a group of technical professionals within the mass text message industry. The authors, although no longer working in the field, understand the complicated nature of the SMS industry and thus have a vision to provide USA businesses with the knowledge to choose the right SMS company to suit their needs.

The leading SMS companies have been analyzed and outlined throughout the website, so it is encouraged that businesses explore their options when it comes to engaging with a provider. Overall, the text message providers were analyzed based on key criteria such as pricing, SMS features and services, customer service, reputation, and customer reviews.

This website was created completely independently, and therefore have no forms of bias or advertising found on the site. However, due to the dynamic nature of SMS providers, it is recommended that businesses review the providers’ websites to ensure that the information is correct, as data can be changed at any time. If any information is incorrect on this website, please contact the expert authors as soon as possible.

The authors at SMS Comparison hope that the information provided helps USA businesses to choose a provider that will help break through the marketing clutter and succeed in their SMS marketing campaigns.


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