EZ Texting Review As A Mass Texting Provider

EZ Texting is a text marketing provider that is able to send mass text messages from a small or medium sized business, to target audiences such as customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders, at any one time. This SMS provider offers services which are catered towards small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s), for example bars, restaurants, nightclubs, education, and non-for-profit or community sectors.

This EZ Texting review compares the SMS features, price, reliability, and customer service compared to other SMS marketing providers, and is rated well amongst lower volume business texting distributors.

EZ Texting Mass SMS USA

SMS Comparison’s EZ Texting review highlights that the SMS gateway provider has key strengths such as:

  • Efficient text marketing services
  • A flexible online mass texting API platform
  • Ability to send messages with multimedia files (MMS)
  • Tracking system with keywords and group sorting
  • A free trial offering 20 free SMS messages
  • A sufficient customer service centre

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However, it should be noted that EZ Texting has pricing plans which are limited to low distribution and the SMS provider does not disclose its reliability through level of up-time SLA guarantee.

Details of the review are expanded under the following headings:

  • Features of EZ Texting as a Mass Text Messaging Service
  • Pricing of SMS distribution and additional fees
  • Reliability of EZ Texting in the distribution and timing of SMS
  • Customer Support Service
  • About SMS Comparison Table and Site

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Features Of EZ Texting As A Mass Text Messaging Provider

EZ Texting has a great ability to integrate text messages for mobile marketing campaigns. SMS messaging should be utilised as in inexpensive, easy way to increase awareness of products or services to ultimately promote sales. SMS marketing can also assist in promoting brand awareness or brand loyalty, as businesses can form that two-way communication between themselves and their target audiences, whether this be customers, staff members, or other stakeholders

The mass texting provider provides an online SMS API platform which enables businesses to upload contact lists to form a text message service that can send SMS messages to specific mobile phones within seconds. EZ Texting also enables businesses to send MMS messages (e.g. photos and videos), which is highly effective for promotional campaigns.

EZ Texting states that they have an SMS API and SMS gateway that enables businesses to customise their text messages. They have REST API, HTTP API with code samples in six languages, which is a great advantage for various US businesses. The SMS company focuses on REST API as it offers new mass sending and scheduling options better than HTTP.

The SMS provider also offers a tracking system with keywords and group sorting, and is able to schedule SMS messages in advance. This is ideal for specific marketing campaigns. Keyword reporting are available particularly if one wants to know what are the most popular keywords that people are either familiar with or bring to their attention.

Other SMS features include analytics for delivery rates and open rates, which is highly effective in monitoring how the SMS marketing campaigns are received. Ez Texting will also provide delivery notifications for instances such as sending out text messages to wrong customers or spam phone numbers.

Trustpilot reviews of EZ Texting showed the Mass Text Messaging provider receiving 4/5 from over 30 reviews.

Value For Money – EZ Texting Pricing Review

EZ Texting offers a pricing schedule which involves no monthly fee, and is free for businesses to sign up. The SMS provider offers prices for SMS starting at 1,000 SMS messages at a time. This will cost a business $0.049 per text message per month, with each additional text message costing $0.045. The higher the volume of SMS message purchased, the lower the cost. Therefore, for 2,000 text messages, the cost would be $0.047, and so on.

EZ Texting SMS Pricing Schedule

Additional SMS services such as keywords, come at added costs, therefore businesses must investigate the overall costs that will be required by their SMS marketing needs.

Overall, when comparing EZ Texting to other major SMS gateway providers, the provider does not rate as well as some others, however this provider may fair well with small to medium sized businesses who wish to purchase a smaller number of text messages.

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EZ Texting Reliability

In terms of reliability, EZ Text does not make it very clear about the uptime and latency of their SMS services. Based on another website, their uptime delivery is lower than some of their competitors, as delivery times are slower. This may be a concern for some American businesses who wish to send time-sensitive alerts or SMS marketing campaigns for limited time deals etc. However, businesses who wish to send general information which aren’t time critical might not mind that the latency is low.

Reviews of a number of mass text messaging providers presented below shows that EZ Texting has a lower reliability level than its competitors.

Customer Support Service Provided By EZ Texting

EZ Texting offers has a customer support centre that can help the business through phone call, email or online live chat. Their website enables businesses to click a ‘Help’ button to assist with any general enquires and information, to enable anybody to get their mobile marketing questions answered. There is also online tutorials which can help to learn more about their SMS services.

A key advantage of the SMS gateway provider, is the offering of a free trial. EZ Texting offers 20 free SMS with a free demo keyword bonus. This enables businesses to sufficiently try out the provider’s SMS features.

EZ Texting was founded in 2006 at New York and has a 100% opt-in service. The mass text message provider has a privacy policy and anti-spam policy on their site, which is important as to ensure that every contact’s privacy is safe and secure.

With the evaluation of a number of mass text messaging providers, EZ Texting offers a good level of customer and technical support service than some of its competitors.


About SMS Comparison USA

This mass text message comparison site and associated site has been produced for you to review the SMS providers’ features, charges, reliability and customer service, free of charge.

This mass text message review site was prepared by authors who are experts in the text messaging field but no longer work in that area. The authors felt the need to assist American businesses in the complex issues on SMS distribution before engaging with an SMS service provider. The authors have no affiliation with any of these SMS providers so they can provide an independent, unbiased evaluation of what each company has to offer.

The SMS providers’ sites can change without notice and their pricing and features may appear different from what has been prepared in this comparison table and site. Should you see any difference, please contact the authors so changes can be made.

The authors hope that the comparison table and site assists businesses in a better understanding of what each provider has to offer so that an informed decision can be made.

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