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In USA, businesses are fortunate to have a variety of reliable mass SMS gateway senders which offer a range of features and services that enable the ability to send bulk SMS messages to large groups of mobile phones. Mass SMS providers provide a seamless platform (text message API) that makes distributing text messages quick and simple. The only requirement from a business is access to the internet and a database of contact lists.

A mass SMS sender provides fast SMS solutions, with the whole process from start to finish taking a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Businesses can send any number of text messages at any one time, whether this be 10,000 text messages to over 250,000 SMS messages. A business can send mass text messages from any device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) without the need to download any additional complicated texting software.

After an extensive review of the SMS gateway providers, SMS Comparison has found the best texting companies based on a range of features, prices, and reliability offered. These mass SMS senders include WholesaleSMS, SMSTech, SMS Central, ClickSend, Textit BurstSMS, SMS Broadcast, and DirectSMS.

A mass SMS sender comparison has been created to enable businesses to compare the various features offered before engaging with a mass text message provider.

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Finding The Right Mass SMS Sender

Finding the right mass SMS sender that will meet the demands of a business is not an easy task. There are many variables that come into play when analyzing the mass text messages available in USA. Elements such as SMS features, pricing schedules, customer service, reliability, and security should all be taken into consideration when choosing an SMS provider.

Finding The Right Mass SMS Sender Over many years, and even more so recently, American businesses are realising the amazing benefits of SMS marketing, particularly for uses such as sending alerts and reminders, confirmations for bookings and appointments, and for promoting a particular SMS campaign. Not only is this a direct form of communication, but it also has a high open rate, especially in comparison to emails.

Businesses should look for mass SMS senders which provide web-based platforms. This means that a business does not have to download any additional software, which is extremely convenient. All businesses need to do is provide a contact list of a target audience, which is then formed into specific groups. The business must then provide the message they wish to deliver and the target group, then the SMS text message will be sent within moments.

Text Message Features Offered By Mass SMS Senders

Overall, businesses must understand the range of features offered by the leading mass SMS senders in USA. SMS companies offer different SMS services such as delivery reports, SMS cleaning services, developer API customer service, email to SMS, MMS, voice to SMS, anti-SPAM compliance, opt-out options, and much more.

Businesses must take global coverage into consideration. If one wishes to send and receive bulk text messages in not only America, but also world wide, they must choose an SMS provider which will have a global API gateway. Most mass SMS senders will provide the ability to send bulk text messages onshore and offshore.

Additionally, an important SMS feature that a provider should have is the ability to offer a two-way communication process. This means that businesses can not only send text messages, but their recipient is able to reply. Text message replies can either be sent back to a mobile phone, or be converted to an email for a business to easily manage and store. This gives a business the ability to gain immediate responses and analyze how the message has been received. This delivery reporting system will also give an insight into bounce rates for instances such as failed phone numbers.

Another text message feature that businesses require is the sophisticated developer API (Application Programming Interface) that the SMS provider has. This will ensure that the provider has the tools and protocols for building the correct software and applications. This API is usually a web-based system, will have an associated programming assistance, and manage high speed connections. This SMS API will send code from the SMS gateway to enable text messages to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

BulkSMS Features

This mass text message comparison found that ClickSend, WholesaleSMS, TextIt, and SMS Tech provide the great range of SMS features mentioned. To view ClickSend’s website, click on the link below, or explore our detailed SMS review of the provider.

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Mass SMS Sender Charges & Price Lists

After comparing the major features offered by mass text message senders, price must come into consideration. Most SMS gateway providers offer SMS charges on a monthly basis. Pricing plans can either be pre-paid, post-paid, or pay-as-you-go. Upon the review of the leading SMS providers, WholeSaleSMS is the cheapest overall. This is closely followed by ClickSend and SMSTech. DirectSMS is a mid-range provider, whereas Text It is a premium provider. Companies such as SMS Central do not disclose exact prices, but instead wish to be contacted to provided personalised quotes.

Some bulk text message providers offer a price match guarantee. This is extremely effective as they claim they will beat any cheaper quote found. Such providers include ClickSend and WholesaleSMS.

Text message pricing structures are based on the volume of text messages distributed on a monthly basis. Generally, the larger the volume purchased, the cheaper the charge per SMS. Low volumes of SMS messages can range anywhere between $0.07 to $0.09 cents per text message. Large volumes can range between $0.04 and $0.07 per SMS.

Due to pricing schedules changing over time, it is advised that a business discusses the various pricing plans provided by each SMS company before engaging.

Reliability & Security Of Mass SMS Senders

A key way to measure the reliability of a mass SMS sender is the transmission time between the time it takes to send the SMS to the delivery of the text message to the target recipient’s mobile phone. This time is measured by the up-time SLA guarantee. An uptime of 99%-100% is ideal for any mass text message.

Security is also an important factor to consider. The SMS gateway providers investigated all have an anti-SPAM and privacy policy which protects the data provided by the businesses.

Upon comparing the leading SMS providers available to American businesses, WholesaleSMS, ClickSend, SMS Tech, and SMS Central all rate very well.


Mass SMS Sender Customer Service & Support

As with any technical online service, it is important that a bulk text message provider offers the customer service and support in times of need. This is not only before the business engaging with the provider, but also during the whole process from start to finish.

The major bulk SMS providers compared found that each company provided an email address and phone number to be contactable during businesses hours, a part from Wholesale SMS. Other than these, there are FAQ pages, video tutorials, customer service centers, online chat rooms, and forums available to anyone who wishes to learn more about the SMS services.

As discussed previously, many SMS providers also offer a free trial period, ranging from anywhere between 5 free SMS, to 60 free SMS messages. This enables businesses to try out their services before purchasing large volumes of text messages. This, along with delivery reports are a great service provided by mass SMS senders.

Additionally, most SMS providers will display case studies and reviews by global companies who are satisfied with the services provided. This will improve the overall reputation of the company.

When comparing the customer service and reputation of the mass SMS senders in America, ClickSend, SMS Central and DirectSMS offer a high level of service. This is closely followed by BurstSMS and SMSTech.


About USA’s SMS Comparison

This mass text message comparison site was developed to enable American businesses to review the top SMS gateway providers in terms of features, prices, reliability, and customer service. This website was developed free of charge, as the authors understand the difficulty of finding a provider that will suit a business’s text message needs.

The authors are experts in the area of mass text messaging, however no longer work in this field. Therefore they are independent and unbiased, offering a neutral position when comparing the SMS providers. If you do decide to use this site and engage with a bulk SMS provider, the authors may ask for a commission (at no charge to the business involved).

Please be aware that the SMS providers may change their information and prices with no notice. If this is the case, please let the authors of this site know using the contact form so that changes can be made as soon as possible.

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