What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a way for businesses to send large volumes of SMS messages to target audiences in the USA and worldwide through mobile technology. Using a bulk SMS marketing service, businesses can send text messages to existing and potential customers, whether this be for campaign alerts, booking or appointment reminders, customer reviews, and much more. 

Sending bulk SMS messages is an easy and effective form of communication, with almost every text message read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received. Thus, bulk mobile marketing has been adopted by businesses across the globe, with many benefits and a range of SMS providers available, all offering SMS solutions to meet different industry needs.



What Are The Benefits Of Bulk SMS Marketing?

With around 8 billion people around the world owning a mobile device and the average consumer checking their phone around 60 times every single day, it’s clear that bulk SMS marketing is a great way to communicate with customers and stakeholders. According to the latest statistics, mobile phone communication in the USA and worldwide has been, and will continue to be a driving force for the success of any marketing campaign. There are so many benefits to bulk SMS marketing, the top advantages are outlined below.

  • Highest open rates and click-through rates (CTR): bulk SMS marketing has the highest open rates and CTR amongst any other marketing communication channel. SMS have a 19% CTR, compared to email marketing with 4% and social media marketing (Facebook marketing with just 1%).
  • Instant and direct communication: text messages are sent within seconds in real-time, and directly to the users mobile phone, unlike other channels where you can’t target the user specifically
  • Ability to respond: bulk SMS marketing enables businesses to not only send messages, but customers can also respond. This two-way communication is essential to forming long-lasting relationships.
  • Personalization and customization of messages: the ability to make the message unique for each individual helps to make the user feel special and directly communicated to
  • Text message automation: bulk SMS providers offer auto-responders (e.g. drip campaigns) which triggers particular responses once the user replies. This saves time and energy as you’re able to send follow up responses and promotional messages to engage audiences.
  • Cost-effective: SMS messaging is far cheaper and more cost-effective than other traditional forms of marketing communication such as outdoor media and TV, often with a pay-as-you-go structure and discounts for bulk volumes purchased.
  • Omni-channel integration: this offers the ability to add value to other marketing campaigns and channels (e.g. send a follow up text after email).

It’s clear that American businesses must harness the power of communicating through bulk text messaging. Discover more benefits of SMS marketing below!


How To Get Started With Bulk SMS Marketing?

With the help of highly reputable bulk SMS marketing providers, American businesses are able to send hundreds, or even thousands of text messages to mobile phones around the world. The steps to getting started on your bulk SMS marketing journey may seem complicated, but once you have figured out what messages you want to send, and which SMS providers to engage with, the process is simple.

The 7 step process to bulk SMS marketing is below:

  1. Decide what sort of text message marketing messages you want to send – do you want to conduct meaningful two-way communication for reviews? Or maybe you want to send appointment or booking reminders? Perhaps you want to send coupon or discount codes for loyal or potential customers?
  2. Once you have decided on the type of SMS message, you can identify the features you need. SMS providers offer a range of features, so you can easily compare the bulk SMS providers using a website such as ours.
  3. Engage with your SMS provider to get the best deal for you – some providers offer pay-as-you-go plans, whilst others offer monthly pricing plans. Often, the more SMS messages purchased, the cheaper the cost per SMS.
  4. Gain permission from your audience or customers – getting customers to opt-in is important to ensure you follow the laws and regulations of SMS marketing. Having subscribers also means you don’t send messages that users do not want to be receiving
  5. Upload your contact list of phone numbers to the SMS providers dashboard or platform, create your customer segmentations (or groups) and create your message to send
  6. Click send and get your SMS marketing campaign going! The SMS provider will do most of the work for you once it’s all set up, so you can trust that your messages will be delivered in a successful, timely manner
  7. Monitor and respond to your customers to ensure you are conducting your SMS campaign successfully


Top 5 Bulk SMS Marketing Providers


ClickSend is a Californian-based bulk SMS provider and is one of the most popular bulk SMS marketing services for businesses around the world. The provider offers an easy-to-use, web-based platform that can be customized for beginner marketers to experienced developers. 

The mass text message provider has a customizable SMS API platform that enables integration with other business platforms. With ClickSend’s SMS gateway, businesses can utilize their online dashboard through any web enabled device, or download the provider’s SMS app to send and receive emails wherever they are. Ultimately, the core features and advantages of ClickSend’s bulk SMS marketing service includes:

  • Email to SMS
  • Microsoft Outlook SMS
  • SMS Keywords with Autoresponders
  • Custom Integration
  • Free Delivery Reports
  • Fast SMS Text Message Delivery (4,800 messages per minute)
  • 24/7 customer support

When it comes to pricing, ClickSend offers flexible plans that can either be prepaid or postpaid. There are no setup fees for starting with ClickSend, and the bulk SMS provider enables businesses to try out their services with a free trial of 25 SMS credits. The SMS company also promises an 100% SLA guarantee, and will choose the fastest route possible to get your message delivered. This level of reliability sets ClickSend apart from many other providers available in the USA.

Discover more about ClickSend’s bulk SMS services by visiting their website or viewing our extensive review below.


ClickSend Review >>Visit Website >>



BulkSMS is an SMS provider offering a vast range of text message services for businesses of any size. The platform offers a great variety of pricing packages with a pay-as-you-go structure, and the credits never expire. The SMS packages start from 200 credits and can go over 50,000 credits, with quotes for bulk volumes also available for those larger enterprises.

With BulkSMS, businesses can conduct bulk SMS messaging with ease, with their services including SMS from web (online SMS), desktop SMS software, SMS from iPhone, two-way SMS integrations, incoming long numbers, and SMS shortcodes.

The provider offers many helpful guides and strategies to assist businesses in their SMS journey, and through their online platforms, you’re able to easily upload, manage, and analyze your SMS campaigns. BulkSMS is currently supported by platforms such as Zapier, Active Campaign, ClickDimensions, Key Telematics and more. Therefore, businesses can seamlessly integrate existing CRM software with BulkSMS to automate workflows and enhance omni-channel opportunities (e.g. Email to SMS, Facebook marketing, Slack, Salesforce, and more). This is important to send follow up bulk text messages, reminders, and responses to create an impact on audiences.

Start sending text messages with BulkSMS today by visiting their website, or find out more information below.


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Textedly is a popular bulk SMS provider amongst small businesses for it’s easy, user-friendly platform and cheap pricing. Textedly offers a simple web-based self-service SMS platform, enabling you to log into your dashboard from a computer. For true on-the-go marketing, marketers are able to download Textedly’s SMS app and conduct their SMS activity straight from a mobile phone or tablet.

With the features and services offered by Textedly, you are able to send bulk volumes of text messages to users who have opted-in to your SMS marketing campaign. With these contacts, you can simply send mass text messages, multimedia (e.g. photos and videos), and even messages with PDF attachments. A differentiating factor of Textedly, is that the provider enables businesses to send longer messages of 300 characters, whilst most bulk SMS providers have a maximum limit of 160 characters.

In terms of pricing, Textedly offers monthly pricing plans, but also a pay-as-you-go feature that enables businesses to cancel at any time. They also offer a 14 day free trial, which is extremely useful for those who are starting out and want to play around with their SMS campaign structures. Textedly also does not base their pricing on the number of contacts, which means businesses are able to upload an unlimited number of contacts to their online platform. With the ability to send 300 messages at any one time, and SMS automation available, Textedly’s services can benefit small, medium, and large businesses.

Get started with Textedly by visiting their website, or learn more with our extensive Textedly review.


Textedly Review >>Visit Website >>



Another leading bulk SMS marketing provider for beginners is MessageMedia. MessageMedia is renowned for having a well-designed, simplistic online platform which can be easily set up in minutes, allowing businesses to send text messages immediately. This is particularly important for time-sensitive messages and alerts.

According to many customer reviews, the key advantage of MessageMedia is their range of SMS templates for various industries. With the bulk SMS templates, you can customize your messages with the recipient’s name and other key customer information to make the message more personal. These templates can be utilized throughout the whole SMS campaign as templates can include auto-responders and subsequent campaigns to maintain consistency.

With MessageMedia’s SMS services, you are able to conduct successful bulk SMS marketing campaigns, whether this be in the form of delivery notifications, appointment and booking reminders, feedback surveys and more.

You can also get started with MessageMedia for free, with their 14 day free trial. Learn more about their services using our links below.


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SMS Global

SMSGlobal is a world renowned bulk SMS marketing provider, offering tailored mass text message solutions to businesses of any size. SMSGlobal offers an online cloud-based platform, MXT, which enables businesses to seamlessly send bulk SMS messages. Not only that, but their platform is designed with turnkey solutions to integrate with many other platforms including Zapier, SMS OTP API, SMS for Hubspot, Shopify and much more.

With the ability to integrate with businesses existing channels, SMSGlobal’s platform can send millions of text messages to targeted audiences in over 165 countries around the globe. SMSGlobal prides themselves on being a simple to use platform, which can be developed to suit any businesses needs. Using their MXT online dashboard, all you need to do is:

  • Upload and organize your contact list of phone numbers
  • Compose your bulk SMS message
  • Schedule your communication and send your message

Not only is SMSGlobal great for large enterprises due to its capacity to send millions of messages a day, but the provider also offers a range of services for novice businesses and everyday folk who are just starting on their bulk SMS journey. From online eBooks to marketing guides, and a 24/7 customer support service, SMSGlobal is here to help your business succeed. You can also start a free trial or book a demo to learn more about their services.

Discover more about SMSGlobal with our full review or visit their website.

SMSGlobal Review >>Visit Website >>


Final Thoughts – Comparing Bulk Text Messaging Providers

With the cluttered world of marketing, it’s essential that businesses take advantage of the power of bulk SMS marketing to break through the noise and reach their target customers.

It can be overwhelming to decide which bulk SMS service is the best for your business with a range of text messaging services available. Luckily with our help, you can be assured that you’re choosing the right provider to meet your marketing strategy needs. 

Whether you’re an e-commerce website wanting to send promotional messages, a local cafe wanting to get a review on your customer’s experience, or a large enterprise wanting to send a burst of text alerts to thousands of audiences, there are a range of marketing solutions and marketing tools to suit every business.

Throughout SMSComparison, we compare the leading bulk providers, analyzing their features, prices, customer service, timeliness and more important elements which should be considered when conducting any mass text messaging campaign.


View Full SMS Comparison >>



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