Finding The Best SMS Marketing Solutions

Businesses in today’s society are constantly finding the most effective way to market a product or service to a large group of target audiences, whether this be to customers, clients, employees, or the general public. The most cost-effective, simple means of communication is sending SMS to mobile phones.

Almost everybody owns a mobile phone, and will always have their mobile device within arm’s reach. Therefore, people are always ready to open messages and respond to them within a matter of seconds. Businesses should capitalize on this effective form of communication to promote their products and services and other marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing audience

Sending texts to in large volumes is done easily with the help of efficient SMS marketing providers in the USA. It is these mass texting providers who have sophisticated SMS gateway softwares which enable them to send any number of text messages successfully to a target phone number in just seconds. However, finding the right SMS solution isn’t always a simple task. With many great SMS marketing software provided by SMS companies, it is important that a business chooses the right provider and plan that will suit their SMS campaign requirements.

How To Find The Right SMS Marketing Provider For Your Business

There are numerous SMS marketing companies within the USA and overseas for businesses to choose from. What is important is that a business finds the company that will assure a reliable and efficient system of distribution at a reasonable cost, dependent on the number of text messages a business wishes to send at any given time. Our SMS marketing provider comparison is a tool that will enable an independent overview of the features that need to be considered prior to engaging with any SMS marketing service.

The SMS marketing review analyzes the SMS features like the telecommunication network provider, the software used including their API, the charges, the reliability of the system, and their customer service. It then looks at a range of reputable companies that offer the client the best value for their dollar in the distribution of SMS marketing solutions.

From the review of numerous SMS Marketing providers it was seen that ClickSend provides a superior service. To discover more about ClickSend’s SMS marketing solutions, visit their website below or view our SMS review.

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Features Of SMS Marketing Solutions

A core feature to consider is the way in which mass text messages are delivered and the use of an SMS gateway to engage in the delivering of a text message through a telecommunication carrier. There are three key ways in which SMS messages are delivered:

  • Direct Carrier Systems – the most reliable form of distribution as it utilizes American Telecommunication providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile
  • Hybrid (Grey) Carrier Systems – utilizes overseas carrier which are generally cheaper
  • Combination – these use a a mixture of both American and overseas carriers to get the message across in the most fast and efficient manner

Global mass text message

The software platforms used by SMS Marketing providers will give you an idea of the sophisticated technological software that they are using for their distribution system. Therefore, it is important to review the range of their IT platforms support systems that they use such as Outlook Mobile Service, Email to SMS, Online SMS and SMS Gateway USA. This will ensure that text messages will be distributed to thousands of people instantaneously and successfully.

The SMS software should also have the capability to receive replies that can be directed, if required, back into your email or mobile system. Many SMS marketing companies also provide the ability to personalize messages to send to certain contact groups, which enables more engagement from the customer and the foundations to build long lasting relationships. Additionally, SMS providers should offer delivery reports and additional data which can be exported to Excel or a similar software to enable businesses to analyze the success of their SMS campaigns.

Other SMS features that should be offered are:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Automated messaging
  • MMS gateway
  • Short codes
  • Dedicated numbers


Ultimately, there are a range of features provided by SMS marketing solutions. It is essential that a business reviews the features offered to determine which SMS provider is right for their marketing needs.

Which SMS Marketing Provider Offers The Best Prices?

From an extensive review and analysis of a wide range of American SMS Marketing companies, ClickSend appears to offer the best value in terms of small, medium, and large volumes of SMS distribution when compared to other SMS marketing companies. SMS marketing companies will offer either a pre-paid or pay-as-you-go pricing structure, and offer a cheaper rate for bulk numbers of SMS purchased.

An example of ClickSend’s pricing structure is highlighted below.

ClickSend SMS price

An amazing pricing feature that ClickSend offers is their price match guarantee, as well as their free trial period. With these elements, businesses can be reassured that they are getting the best SMS service for the most valuable price.

SMS Marketing Solutions Reliability

Reliability is a huge factor when it comes to choosing an SMS marketing provider. Reliability ensures that mass text messages will be delivered successfully to the correct phone number at the correct time. This means that a SMS company must have both state-of-the-art software platform technology, which is supported by highly-technical staff.

SMS reliability can be measured by the SLA (service level agreement) up-time guarantee, as well as the reliability of the carrier used. The up-time guarantee should ideally be above 99%, as this will ensure the marketing provider will be available most, if not all of the time.

When comparing the top SMS providers available to USA businesses, ClickSend appeared to be the most reliable. The company has a uptime SLA guarantee of 99%, as well as the provision of a free trial, high level customer engagement, and a direct carrier system. View the graph below to see the SMS gateway provider compared to their competitors.

What Customer Support Is Available?

Base on our core comparison of America’s leading SMS marketing providers, it was found that they all had a high level of customer support, which enabled businesses to contact their support team through a number of channels. These include via phone number, email, online chats, form submissions, social media, and more. Many SMS providers offer round the clock support around the globe, meaning customers can get their questions answered on a 24/7 basis. Additionally, SMS marketing providers often have a customer service center online which provides a range of services such as FAQs, video tutorials, and much more.

customer service

As discussed earlier, a free trial offered by some SMS marketing companies allows a business the opportunity to try their marketing services for a short period of time and use their technical support services as well as their infrastructure.

About SMS Comparison USA & SMS Marketing Solutions

At SMS Comparison USA, the authors have worked in the text messaging and SMS marketing industry for a number of years felt that there was confusion surrounding which SMS gateway provider offered the best value to a specific business.

Therefore, the authors have developed this independent, free comparison website, which analysis a number of reliable SMS marketing companies, enables business to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing an SMS provider for their marketing and communication needs.

The authors’ do not work for any SMS provider so their assessment is purely based on their knowledge and experience of the text messaging service available. Should a business engage with a provider mentioned on this website, the authors may request a commission from the SMS provider.

If one notices that some information from the provider does not match with the review provided, please let the authors know by contacting them via the contact form, and changes will be made as soon as possible.

It is hope that this free comparison table and associated sites will be beneficial to you and your business.

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