Min-Profile-Photo Min Lew has led the SMS Comparison research, testing, and content writing for SMS Comparison USA since 2019. Min has had years of experience in the digital marketing and telecommunications industry, using her expert knowledge to drive her passion in the SMS marketing and mass texting field.

During her time being the head of SMSComparison.com, Min has dedicated her time to ensuring she informs her readership of the best SMS providers with the best and most transparent information available for American businesses to make informed decisions and succeed.

Min is also a dedicated SEO strategist, working on improving the website rankings for many medium to top tier websites, from e-commerce, to travel and much more. In addition, Min is passionate about social media, running her own Instagram blog with approximately 10K followers, where she shares her healthy recipes and tips for living a balanced lifestyle. She also enjoys going out and trying new food, travel, and spending time with her loved ones.

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