Who Is BulkSMS?

BulkSMS.com is a leading American SMS provider who offers a wide range of services which covers two-way text messaging from a business’s computer. BulkSMS was founded in 2000 and is a division of Celerity Systems Pty Ltd. Founders of BulkSMS first began using mass text messaging in 1997 to send weather updates to clients and soon realized there was an opportunity for this communication service to spread across broader applications.

BulkSMS.com provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging services from small, to large scale businesses, individuals, and public benefit organisations. The SMS provider is globally renowned in over 200 countries including the United States of America, Europe, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

The company encompasses a sophisticated gateway system that enables a seamless integration of mass text messaging to any computer with no set up of an additional service. Sending text messages to targeted audiences is made simple with the infrastructure and effective network systems provided by BulkSMS. The company currently connects to over 800 mobile network operators world wide with fast, exceptional service.

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As discussed in the BulkSMS review, the provider’s text messaging services, including online SMS gateway applications, and Email to SMS system provides a reliable, efficient channel to inform audiences. This channel is effective in a range of communication procedures from marketing to customers, staff rostering, CRM, sales follow ups, billing reminders, IT alert systems, or delivery notifications.

The five key areas highlighted below demonstrate why Bulk SMS are considered a leading USA provider in our gateway comparison review.

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Strong SMS Gateway Features Provided By BulkSMS

As displayed in our SMS gateway USA comparison table, a modern EAPI (Electronic Application Programming Interface) which is offered by SMS providers, enables a business to conduct mass text messaging on their existing applications. This provides the support of long messages and multiple webhooks that push status reports or receive text messages to the web server, as well as simplifying the character encoding for various languages. Thus, the EAPI is effective for various actions such as automatic notifications and message delivery reports.

Our BulkSMS review shows that the provider has a range of powerful features within their SMS API:

  • Prompt text messages to individuals or groups
  • Two-way messaging on an International scale
  • Real-time status and SMS delivery reports
  • Ability to send short codes and long text messages
  • Distributing text messages using Unicode character sets
  • Incoming long phone numbers
  • Customer sender ID

An innovative system provided by BulkSMS is the BulkSMS Web App, enabling businesses to send large volumes of text messages from their smart phone or tablet. All a business is required to do is download the app to their chosen device, enabling them manage their credits in a single place.

BulkSMS Features

Additionally, BulkSMS enables dedicated long numbers, which are standard rate long numbers for those wanting to receive mobile originating text messages.

BulkSMS.com provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging services to any sized business, not-for-profit organisation, and individuals. The provider was one of the first commercial web-based mass text messaging platforms and now connects businesses around the world to more than 800 networks in over 200 countries.

For businesses wanting to send short, yet important mass text messages, BulkSMS provides a platform which allows for SMS API integration, SMS voting, SMS competitions, SMS campaigns, and more.

BulkSMS Offer Good Value

The BulkSMS review indicates that the SMS gateway provider offer better value due to its low costs, compared to their USA competitors in the mass text message field. This is dependent on the volume of text messages a business sends each month. Has shown on BulkSMS.com, the provider ranges from a volume of over 100 to over 28,000 SMS messages each month. The larger the volume of text messages sent, the higher the discount, with the highest volume gaining a 28% discount on each SMS.

Like many SMS providers in America, they often provide special offers for non-profit organisations and education facilities, therefore it is worth looking up what type of discount is available for your business.

BulkSMS does not charge a setup fee, no monthly fee and there is no contractual arrangements or other hidden fees.

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Reliability & Security Of BulkSMS As An SMS Gateway Provider

BulkSMS offers three different routing options. The provider can use America’s direct carriers which is the most reliable option, or a hybrid version (economy and standard options) which utilises the USA’s system supported by overseas telecommunication carriers which are cheaper but less reliable when sending mass SMS messages. Finally, a premium direct carrier is the most reliable but comes at a higher cost per text message.

BulkSMS uses the best delivery routes for the distribution of text messages, however the delivery cost will vary depending on the size, volume, and integration of International numbers.

An issue found on our BulkSMS review is that their is a lack of information on the provider’s uptime delivery. Therefore, there is no reliability measure on the text message delivery in regards to time and success of delivery. Generally, reliability is measured by an 100% uptime service guarantee which is provided by other USA SMS gateway providers.

A key point of difference for BulkSMS.com is that the company has coverage to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries, with the ability for large USA businesses to send mass text messages through platforms from web-based email to SMS gateways through API feeds.

In terms of their security measures, BulkSMS clearly state their privacy policy and anti-SPAM policy on their website. This ensures that they are compliant with the laws and regulations in America and globally. This ensures that the data collected (including mobile phone numbers and names) by BulkSMS will be private and secure.

Customer Care Service Provided By BulkSMS

BulkSMS has a range of International contact numbers for its global users, as well as email support. Therefore, the provider is transparent, and can provide a high level of assistance for businesses world wide.They offer email support on Saturdays and Sundays, however this may take some time to be responded to. The BulkSMS.com website also includes a FAQ page, video tutorials, and API documentation.

As discussed previously, BulkSMS recognize the importance of protecting privacy of their audiences. They highlight their privacy and no-spam policy that abides by the country specific anti-spam regulations, thus ensuring that businesses undertake safe practices when communicating through mass text message services.

Our SMS gateway comparison review found BulkSMS to be a reputable, trustworthy USA provider that is highly recommended by its users.


About SMS Gateway Solutions

An SMS Gateway is a system that allows businesses in the US to send and receive SMS text messages from a website or email directly to audiences’ mobile phones through a gateway.

A text message gateway enables any computer to distribute and receive mass text messages through a range of network providers. A text message gateway enables reliable communication for those who require:

  • Time sensitive text messages
  • Text message reminders and alerts
  • Private and secure text messages
  • 2 way communication (ability for recipient to reply)

About This SMS Gateway Comparison Table 

The SMS gateway USA comparison table was create to compare the features and services offered by SMS gateway providers. The information was formulated by a independent group of text message specialists who no longer work in the field, however understand that a simply comparison of mass text messages providers is required for businesses in America.

It should be noted that the information is derived from the providers’ websites and not through an API feed. Therefore, the data provided may become outdated and businesses should also check the information on the providers’ websites before signing up.

Whilst the SMS gateway USA comparison table is free to the public, some affiliate relationships do exist, however these do not impact the rates and fees of the providers.

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