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Trumpia is an SMS gateway provider with a range of features and mass text messaging services for small, medium, and large American businesses. Learn more about Trumpia and compare them to other leading USA mass text message providers with our Trumpia review at SMS comparison.

By Justin Grossbard / Updated: Monday, June 10th, 2019

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Overview Of Trumpia – Mass Text Messaging Service

Trumpia is a significant player in the mass text messaging field with a range of features and services to cater for a wide variety of USA businesses, whether large, medium or small.

Its SMS gateway service encompasses all the capabilities of providing a reliable, easy to manage SMS system that can send millions of text messages at any one time to target audiences within the a given time period.

Trumpia services many international clients in its portfolio, including Money Morning, Kroger, Inova, and eBay. The SMS provider has partnerships and access to American and global telecommunication carriers, enabling them to manage mass text messaging services in large volumes efficiently around the world.

Our review of Trumpia found that this mass text messaging service has the following strengths:

  • Ability to organise and secure SMS messages across a number of locations
  • Efficient API network system available on an all year round basis
  • Ability to send millions of SMS within a time period
  • Access to domestic and global telecommunication carriers
  • All year round customer and technical support service

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However, based on our Trumpia review, there are key factors of concern that should be highlighted:

  • Price does not include a price match guarantee
  • No details provided regarding the reliability of the distribution of text messages (uptime guarantee) and by a certain time (latency).

The details our Trumpia review based on the factors of features, pricing, reliability and customer service are expanded upon below under the following headings:

  • Review of Trumpia as a Mass Text Messaging Provider
  • Value for Money
  • Reliability of Trumpia as a Mass Text Messaging service
  • Customer service and security of Trumpia
  • About SMS Comparison Table and Associated Site

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Review Of Trumpia As A Mass Text Messaging Provider

Our Trumpia review found this SMS provider to have an API platform infrastructure that enables mass text messaging, MMS, Email to SMS, and much more communication tools. It has unique features to make sure that the right people receive the right message based on their needs and interests. Such targeting will improve the marketing or communication campaign response rate and click-through behaviour. This is particularly important for major announcements, alerts or reminders.

In summary, some of the major mass texting features Trumpia can demonstrate include:

  • Email to SMS services
  • Short codes
  • Communicate via pictures and videos (MMS)
  • Auto response particularly useful for marketing campaigns
  • Two-way texting to gain feedback and Yes/No response
  • Tracking and reporting system
  • Keyword data capture making every message relevant to each receiver

Trumpia’s automated SMS platform means that mass text messages will be sent in a way that can be read easily and on time by the mobile phone users. This is particularly important when a message must be received to the right person at the right time (particularly for instances of alerts and reminders). This is automatically done by their efficient API network system on an all year round basis.

Short codes provision means that numerous text messages per second can be delivered on time. Long codes can be set up and are ideal for person to person messaging. Landline texting features means that an individual can receive an SMS message from a direct business number for a feedback option. The mobile keywords feature allows the business to collect phone numbers and therefore able to reply automatically.

Based on Trumpia reviews on Trustpilot, the SMS provider scored a 4/5 for their mass text messaging service. As shown below, Trumpia provides the range of features that are compared with other leading SMS gateway providers.

Value For Money

The pricing schedule of Trumpia depends on the volumes of text messages sent at any one time. The larger the number of text messages, the cheaper the cost per SMS. The Trumpia website outlines the SMS API pricing in a simple and effective format. It covers the total pricing of mass text messaging for both USA and Canada. Trumpia provides the total charges of their services, rather than trying to hide additional hidden fees. These charges also cover MMS and Email to SMS.

Our Trumpia review compares the prices of various SMS gateway providers, however the real distribution cost is difficult to differentiate. This is due to the factors such as the number of SMS messages sent may not match, and the requirement for a premium (local) or hybrid (overseas) carrier may not be specified. As there are many different pricing plans available from Trumpia, we advise that a business contact the sales team to get a personalised quote or plan.

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Reliability Of Trumpia As A Mass Text Messaging Service

Upon our Trumpia review, the only indication of the reliability of the SMS gateway provider as an effective and efficient text message distributor is that it states it has partnered with a large number of domestic and overseas telecommunication carriers that it has a high uptime or throughput when managing large numbers of text messages. However, it does not state the reliability of the messages being received and on time (latency). The only indication of a high reliability comes from a client who states a 90% open rate.

Therefore, there is a need for American businesses to further investigate the uptime guarantee and latency of Trumpia.

Customer Service And Security Of Trumpia

Trumpia has a global and significant domestic presence particularly in USA and Canada. It can service countries world wide.

It has an all year round customer and technical support service which provides an email address or the phone number 1-888-707-3030. It has the added advantage of tutorial videos and training to assist businesses to understand and adopt their system promptly.

There is an outline of the privacy and an anti-spam policy available at Trumpia. From the analysis of the mass text messaging providers reviewed, Trumpia relatively well in terms of customer and technical support service.

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About SMS Comparison And Associated Web Site

This American SMS comparison site and associated site has been produced for the benefit of USA businesses, at no cost. It was established due to the large number of inquiries about trying to work out what each SMS gateway provider has to offer.

The authors of this SMS Comparison table are experts in the SMS field but no longer work in this domain. Therefore, they are unbiased and independent of any SMS provider. The review of their experience and understanding should assist a business to know about this extremely important as an effective communication tool.

It should be noted that SMS providers’ websites can change without any notice, so should there be any incorrect information found on this comparison table or site, please contact the authors here, and the content will be updated immediately.

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