What Is Mass Text Messaging?

Small, medium, and large USA businesses are rapidly understanding the benefits of utilising SMS marketing as a communications channel to send bulk text messages to target audience’s mobile phones in 2022. Text message marketing can be effectively used to promote a product or service, send alerts and reminders, to to send time-sensitive messages.

Sending text messages is a personal, low cost way to communicate specific messages to customers, stakeholders, or employees, without having to download any additional software. Businesses are able to send text messages promptly through any web-enabled device, whether this be a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. View our information pages including the SMS Marketing Statistics 2022 article to learn more benefits of text messaging campaigns.

In America, there are a number of reputable mass text message providers which are able to meet the differing SMS marketing needs of any business. Businesses simply require a database of their target audience’s mobile phone numbers, and access to the internet, and the SMS gateway provider will take care of the rest. Whether the database contains hundreds, or thousands of mobile numbers, SMS distribution takes a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

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Advantages Of Sending A Mass Text Message

Sending mass text messages to large amounts of target audiences is highly effective in forming long lasting relationships with customers and stakeholders. The advantages of mass text messaging is that the client does not need to download or install any special software. Mass text message providers are web-based, meaning that businesses simply need a web browser and access to the internet, along with the contact numbers of those groups they wish to contact in order to begin their bulk SMS distribution journey.

Mass text message marketing is a two way process. This means that recipients have the ability to reply to the targeted SMS messages the business sends. This provides the ability to inform the business when the text message has been received and opened, which is usually within seconds of being delivered. Therefore, enabling businesses to analyze open rates.

Additionally, businesses have the ability to schedule their text messaging campaigns at a specific time and date. This is highly effective for appointment or booking reminders, or notifying individuals of important event dates. Thus, a mass texting messaging service can be utilized by any business, at any time.

More Benefits Of Mass Text Messaging In America

Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that the mass text message provider will monitor and track the SMS messages sent and received by the recipient’s mobile phone. All inbound and outbound text messages are recorded by a delivery tracking system which enables a business to analyze the data effectively. This data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel to review and make changes to text message marketing campaigns if necessary.

For example, government organizations or local councils may utilize mass texting as a means to alert community members of any emergency weather conditions. Sending SMS messages to hundreds or thousands of mobile phones on multiple, reliable gateway networks immediately has become a trusted communication tool utilized throughout USA.

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Cost Of Sending Bulk SMS Text Messages

Overall, when sending mass text messages, it’s important to understand how to keep distribution costs low, and the providers which offer lower rates for sending these SMS messages. The bulk SMS review find that most mass text message providers offer competitive rates for small, medium, and large distribution, however the larger the volumes of text messages purchased, the cheaper the costs per text message.

In USA, there are a range of reliable bulk SMS service providers available which offer reasonably low prices, dependent on distribution volumes during a month period. The ranges investigated varied from low volume numbers of less than 10,000 text messages per month to over 250,000 + messages over a month period. The mass text message providers offer reliable software and have reliability factor within a range of 99.95 to 100% uptime. In many cases there are no set up costs and a two-way SMS option at no extra cost. Additional rates may apply for extra services such as MMS and sending short codes.

This graph below shows a rating of how each bulk SMS distributor fares in their cost structure.

There is a significant difference in prices between SMS companies, dependent on volume of text message distribution for each month. For lower volumes, the review found WholesaleSMS offered the cheapest rates followed by ClickSend, which was approximately 12% higher than the cheapest rate. Textit was the dearest by between 20 to 30% dependent on the volume distributed each month.

With larger volumes from over 250,000 SMS each month, WholesaleSMS also provides the cheapest rates of all its competitors. Text It charges were much more expensive than many of the other bulk distributors, however their services are more premium and at the upmost reliability.

SMS Providers Customer Service, Support & Compliance

The major American bulk SMS providers reviewed run high speed SMS gateways that are able to distribute high volume text messages within a short time period. These companies provide detailed and easily interpreted reports which present various aspects of delivery, whether it be bounces of text messages sent through the API or web-based online platform.

All SMS providers have a customer service center phone numbers and email addresses whether it be 24/7 or offered during business hours. Most mass text message providers are also anti-SPAM compliant and offer their own privacy policy to ensure that all the data is secure. A cleaning service is also provided to ensure mobile numbers are still in use and to diminish any likelihood of text message failure. Some possess auto-opt out availability for their clients with a no charge access to their accumulated pool of shared virtual reply numbers.

Ultimately, when reviewing the customer service and compliance of SMS gateway providers, all companies provide adequate ongoing SMS support services. Four providers exceed an 90+ rating, including SMS Tech, SMS Central, DirectSMS and ClickSend.

The remainder of the text message providers are rated 80+ so the differential is minimal in sorting one against the other, therefore no provider should be excluded from the comparison.


Which Mass Text Message Provider Is The Most Reliable?

Businesses should be reassured that all the text message providers compared within this review offer reliable and efficient text message services. Some providers may distribute text messages faster than others, but overall the success rates of these providers are optimal. Overall, ClickSend offered the best reliability, followed by Wholesale SMS and SMS Tech. This reliability is measured by the up-time guarantee and SLA provided by the SMS Companies. To view ClickSend’s reliability terms and conditions, click through to their website below.

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An Overview Of How To Send Mass Text Messages & SMS Comparison

This mass text message comparison site independently reviews the the features, charges, services and reliability of the leading SMS providers available to American businesses. The review was prepared by a set of experts in the text message industry who are no longer in the field but have the knowledge and skills to be able to provide advice to readers.

This site was created to help potential clients compare the important aspects of SMS providers in an easy and effective way, in order to find a provider to meet their individual needs. Knowing this demand, the authors established this site outlining the major features that needed to be considered before engaging one of the bulk companies.

Although the website is free for everyone, if the use of the site leads to an agreement with one of the bulk SMS companies to engage their services, then a commission will be requested of the provider and not the client.

As the mass SMS providers can change their features and services without notification, if any incorrect data is found, please contact the authors.

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