Should I Be Using Cheap Text Messaging Online?

Cheap text messaging online is a simple means to send SMS messages from a computer without the need for additional software. It is a matter of logging into a website and providing a bulk list of phone numbers via a CSV. A business must simply send messages via a standard email process, and the SMS provider will convert the message into an SMS. Thus, cheap text messaging online is perfect for businesses to embrace text message marketing for purposes such as appointment reminders, booking confirmations, and more.

SMS gateway providers will manage the SMS distribution and the user replies, enabling businesses to monitor the behaviors of the text messages and how they are reciprocated by the end user.

Email To SMS Marketing


Premium Vs Cheap Text Messaging Online Services

There are two main forms of SMS networks in which businesses can engage with in the US. A premium SMS service utilizes the most efficient and reliable network systems, enabling large companies like banks and telecommunication networks to safely use these. A premium charge is paid per text message sent, however companies are able to rely on these networks 100% of the time to get the messages successfully delivered. Premium SMS providers usually will not engage with businesses who distribute small volumes of SMS messages per month.

However, many businesses do not require premium SMS services, as they do not require such time-sensitive messaging to occur. In such instances, it is acceptable for  the SMS the be received by the user with a possible delay of only a few seconds or minutes. If this is the case, a business can consider utilising a cheap text messaging online service which is based on price, rather than ultimate reliability.

Cheap online SMS providers utilize overseas network systems or use a low tier American network providers. It is shown that sending an SMS using an overseas network system from USA is surprisingly reliable. As discussed previously, the only downside is the slower distribution time to reach end user’s mobile phones, which can be less than 15 minutes, or sometimes longer (dependent on travel distance). The reporting system is still effective and easily integrated even though their response rates may be lower.

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What Do Cheap Text Messaging Online Providers Offer?

Based on our Mass Text Messaging Comparison Table, the best value online SMS providers offer:

  • Cheap SMS rates
  • Two-way SMS at no extra charge
  • Real time status updates
  • Message personalisation
  • Full integration with client’s email
  • No set up fees, contracts or ongoing fees
  • Quick SMS gateway system for fast message delivery

Both WholesaleSMS and SMS Broadcast have become significant players in the online SMS messaging industry within USA over the past few years. ClickSend is also a highly prominent SMS provider, offering a cloud based SMS system focusing on sending and receiving SMS platform, email and voice services.

Features Of Cheap Text Messaging Online

There are numerous features that cheap text messaging online providers offer to American businesses.

Firstly, SMS distribution is a two way communication process. The business needs to recognise that the online SMS system will send an SMS text from a computer to a specific target audience nominated, and that recipient has the ability to respond. This mobile phone response is able to be forwarded to the business’s specified email address. This method enables any business to track the text message process from when it is written, to the mobile phone. The ability to record and monitor messages is a great way to evaluate marketing campaigns and analyze the delivery tracking system.

The online text message marketing companies outlined provide high speed connections to network suppliers for low, medium or high volume businesses that require text messaging to be disseminated promptly.

Additionally, many online SMS companies investigated ensure they are anti-SPAM compliant. The SMS gateway providers provide an SMS cleaning service which sorts through and monitors the contact lists provided by the business, to ensure that there are no incorrect phone numbers.

As shown below, SMS Broadcast has the best rating of all the online SMS competitors. This is followed by ClickSend with similar high quality features. The other competitors rate lower, however should not be excluded from any decision as they offer a good range of valued mass text messaging features.

Cheap Text Messaging Online Price Comparison

WholesaleSMS started in 2014, and since it’s existence, it has become a prominent player in the online SMS market within America. It is one of the only cheap text messaging online providers which provides a price match option.

The main disadvantages of Wholesale SMS is their lack of monthly plans, and their SMS credits only last for 12 months (rather than other SMS providers where credits do not expire). If a business wishes to send small volumes of SMS messages on a monthly basis, they may want to consider SMS Broadcast. Smaller volumes of SMS messages are fairly cheap, and their credits don’t expire. Additional rates may apply for virtual numbers.

Overall, a comparison of the leading providers offering cheap text messaging online was conducted. For low, medium and high volume of text messages sent out, WholesaleSMS offered the cheapest rates. This is followed by SMS Broadcast, Clickatell, Click Send, SMS Tech and TextIt being the most expensive.

For lower volumes of text messages distributed, WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rates. This is followed by ClickSend and SMSBroadcast. The other providers DirectSMS and SMSTech offer at more expensive rates.

Take the mid volumes of text messages on a monthly basis, WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rate. ClickSend and SMS Broadcast are cheaper but still 10% above the cheapest provider. The other charge much more.

Based on large mass SMS message distribution, still WholesaleSMS offers the cheapest rate. ClickSend and SMS Broadcast charges are 18% more expensive than WholesaleSMS, while DirectSMS and SMSTech are around 30% – 40% dearer.

Ultimately, Wholesale SMS is the most prominent player within the mass text message field when it comes to a cheap online bulk SMS service. This is closely followed by SMS Broadcast and Clickatell. If any business wishes to engage with these SMS providers, please check their websites to ensure that their charges have not changed.

WholesaleSMS price

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Reliability Of Cheap Text Messaging Online Providers

With any business, one needs to be reassured that the SMS providers offering cheap text messaging online, are reputable and reliable. This means that businesses should be assured that their text messages will be delivered successfully to their end user’s mobile phones, and within given time frames, as well as the ability to schedule messages.

Reliability is often measured by an up-time guarantee. Many online SMS providers investigated have an up-time guarantee of 99% up-time or better as part of their reliability assurance. All the five major providers have sufficient and professional customer service centres, whether it is phone support during business hours, email support, or the option of a free trial to review the SMS service.

The reliability chart below shows that three of the major online SMS services, and their reliable level when it comes to distributing text messages. SMS Broadcast and ClickSend are considered the most reliable closely followed by Clickatell and Text It.

About SMS Comparison USA

The cheap online SMS USA comparison table has been prepared after extensive SMS reviews and an analysis of the core features provided by cheap text messaging online providers.  The authors have previously worked with the leading SMS USA providers, and understand these businesses extensively. Therefore, the authors have the knowledge, yet unbiased understanding of each provider, and what each business requires for their SMS marketing needs within America.

Should you wish to investigate each mass text messaging provider in more detail, click the link below.


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The comparison table and website was designed and now continually reviewed. However, the providers can alter their charges and products without notice. Therefore, it is advised that a business always checks the features and prices of the provider before engaging with their SMS services. If any data or information is inaccurate or requires updating, please let the authors know immediately, and changes will be made.

This website and comparison table is free for readers to investigate. A commission may be requested from the selected SMS provider if one clicks onto their website and then engage their services. Intentionally, no advertising is placed on this site.

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