How To Send SMS From Computer USA

Over the past few years it has become much easier and cheaper to send SMS from a computer using American providers who offer a range of features and services that will enable businesses to successfully run their marketing campaigns and promotions in 2022.

There are a range of SMS from computer providers to select from in both USA and overseas. From the authors’ extensive understanding of the SMS industry and the SMS gateway providers, a comparison was conducted. By comparing features, pricing, API software, reliability and reputation, five leading SMS providers from computer services were selected. These include Wholesale SMS, ClickSend, Message Media, MessageBird, and EZTexting. Discover SMS Comparison’s ratings on the leading SMS companies below or visit our core SMS comparison table which compares the top SMS providers in USA.

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Send SMS From A Computer – Paid vs Free SMS Service

A free SMS site does not charge whereas other sites from SMS providers do charge on a usage basis. The downfall is that free SMS websites are limited in their text message offerings. Whereas SMS from computer companies offer a variety of SMS features and services, with a 99% uptime delivery that cannot be offered by organisations who offer a free service.

It needs to be emphasised that SMS services are not free on mobile telecommunication networks and gateway SMS are linked from the internet where text messages are originated. Providers have the direct link with telecommunication carriers, whether they are American carriers (such as AT&T, and Verizon) or international carriers, and therefore must charge for the use of such gateway SMS service and the platform application (API) to use the service.

Yes, there are apps that are developed to send text messages for free and avoid the telecommunication carriers such as WhatsApp and Twitter, but they are limited in the number of text messages they can send and are not as reliable. SMS Computer providers have the capacity to send thousands to tens of thousands of text messages from your computer without the concern as to how effective the message would be seen by the users.

With different phones and apps that work with each other in a variety of ways, all of these free messaging apps are limited in their capacity. For example, if a business wishes to communicate with a customer through Whatsapp, it requires that customer to have Whatsapp downloaded onto their mobile phone. Therefore, when looking at SMS marketing vs Whatsapp for large businesses, direct messaging services have limitations.

Hand Holding Mobile With Messaging Apps

Sending SMS From Android Apps

Over the past few years there has been a number of SMS Apps produced that allow the user to send text message easily and with little effort. The presence of online messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat do the job of text messaging to your circle of people and can be used on Android phones. However, many texting apps do not have a range of good, easy to follow features and, in many cases, not so visually appealing.

However, recently there has been a number of texting apps that have suitable features, good visuals and can be easily integrated with a third-party SMS service that are mentioned above. These Android SMS or Texting Apps can be downloaded at no cost. On a recent review of Android texting apps, it was seen that there around sixteen good apps that can do the job.  It is not difficult to for you surf the net and see the variety of these apps.

To provide a quick overview of features of android apps that send SMS from a computer, it was seen that they offer a number of theming options, simple interface, some organisation and backup features and a reasonable search function. In some cases the app can be slow to process but, in general, it is free service and that needs to be considered.

Android apps are not a substitute for distribution of medium to large volume of sms at any one time and this is where the engagement of a SMS Provider will provide the software and distribution service that will reach people efficiently and of course, effectively.

Sending SMS From A PC Or Mac

Of course, you can send text messages from your computer whether it is a Mac or PC. For some people it is much easier and in some cases, to type a message on their keyboard than tapping on a smartphone screen, especially if you have larger fingers. This way you easily see what you are typing on a larger screen and can easily see if there is a typo or information detail missing.

All that is needed to distribute a receive text messages by a Mac is running an appropriate software such as Mac OSX 10.10 and a paired Apple device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and be able to use the correct settings. If you have same type of Apple devices, it will automatically synchronise and work for you. If the telecommunication carrier will not charge you for distributing text messages, then it’s a free service. If there is a charge its charge to send a text message from the computer is the same as the cost of sms from your mobile phone.

With a desktop PC, laptop or tablet, you can send a sms by using Microsoft Outlook application. It is a simple as sending an email. This is a perfect solution for those people who depend on emails as their best mode of communication because it means that one can communicate in different ways yet be familiar the platform they always are using. With no additional software installation needed, it is a simple way to send and receive text messages.

Send SMS From PC

Sending SMS Through An SMS API

What is an SMS API? Put simply, an SMS API is an Application Programming Interface that has the properties of a computer program that can communicate to another computer program so that the processes of transmitting text messages occur easily, safely and effectively. It is the terminology used by programmers in working between different platforms to ensure the SMS message are able to be disseminated when required.

SMS API Integration

There is a range of APIs that programmers can develop software to integrate with software for the purpose of distribution and receiving text messages. SMS companies are able to develop and use their APIs to integrate with software that the client uses so that there is no need to any manual log in to any application for sending out text messages.

The use of an SMS API can mean that text messages are automatically being sent when instructed by the client. Notifications and appointment reminders are some examples of the way the SMD will be activated via the API platform.

The SMS API system can be used to create lists, set up keywords and schedule times and dates for messages to be distributed. Additionally, SMS API servers are not shared with other clients and as such, are dedicated which means text messages and replies can be sent efficiently and reliably.

In summary, the advantage of an SMS API that is integrates to a SMS platform includes:

  • Being a two-way SMS communication system
  • Able to report on inbound and outbound replies
  • Ability to track SMS for auditing purposes
  • Monitor SMS with a real time delivery analysis of distribution

About This SMS Comparison Service

The service of providing businesses with an ability to review companies that offer ways to send SMS froma computer to customers, clients, staff or the public was created due to there are so many providers with different levels of service. Therefore, by independently detailing the SMS features, services and offers available, American businesses will get a clearer picture when deciding which SMS provider offers the best service for ones SMS marketing requirements.

The SMS from computer comparison table is an easy way to compare the various aspects which make an SMS provider reliable. Of course, this is backed by details on the site. The research that lead to the decisions were based on recent information provided and developed by authors who were in the SMS business but no longer work in that field. Thus, SMS Comparison is an unbiased review with no forms of advertising.

If any of the information is different from the providers’ websites, please contact the authors so that changes will be made promptly. SMS Comparison hopes businesses will gain great benefits from these comparison tables.

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